Saturday, October 27, 2018


Hi Arli here! Friday was a hugely exciting day for me as it was my second birthday.  So to celebrate such a special day we all jumped into the car and headed off on an adventure.  It wasn't long before we had reached our destination.  Once we had arrived and leashed up we headed off on my birthday walk.
                       After walking for a little while I decided to pose for my first birthday photo 😀 I think I look very beautiful in it 😀
                      After my first birthday photo we continued on with my birthday walk.
After continuing for a little while we stopped again for more birthday photos. 
                          Once the photos had been taken we continued off again on our walk.
 Once we got to the end of this path we found our walk continued going across the road so for some excitement we followed our noses and continued on.
 Once we had reached this part of the walk we got very excited as we saw Ros was going to let us off our leads for some free running.  There was lots of great smells to sniff out.
Stopping to Pose
  As we were walking along in the distance our human spotted another doggie so she called us over and put us back on our leads.  It turned out to be a lovely Brown and White Border Collie.
 Our Human Ros had a small talk with her human and we did get to say a quick hello once she had warmed up to us both.  After this talk we all continued on with my birthday walk.
Stopping for a quick rest
After having a quick rest it was time for more photos of my beautiful self so I sniffed out the best spot for photo taking.
                 For being such a good girl I got to play with one of my favourite things; a ball.
Once photos were done we continued on and soon came across a very lovely view so we knew we would have to pose in front of it together.
 We had walked a long way so we decided to turn around and start heading back the way we had come.  After walking for a while Ros suddenly stopped and decided this was the perfect place for our birthday photos together.  Don't we look so happy together!
 After family photos we turned around and started walking back the way we had come. After walking almost all the way back I spotted something very interesting. A place that made me super excited.  Yes I was going swimming! My favourite activity ever.
 Well after all this swimming it was time to wrap up my birthday adventure as Jet and I were very tired labradogs so we put our leads back on and headed back towards the car where we jumped in and passed out after such a big day.
Once we got home we decided to had a big rest but a few hours in I was woken up to see all my new birthday presents.  Aren't they pawesome dog friends?  I can't wait to start playing with them all.  I just  had to pose with them all first.
 This was a pawesome birthday adventure and I can't wait until I can get my jaws around all my new toys.  Bye now from a very sleepy Arli.


  1. Happy Birthday, Arli! You are having a fantastic day!

  2. Happy Birthday, what a wonderful outing to celebrate. the two of you are absolutely gorgeous.

  3. What a Perfect Day, Arli! Happy 2nd to you and enjoy all those new toys, you lucky dog!
    Wyatt and Tegan



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