Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hey! Milo, here. Yesterday Ros and I went to the R.S.P.C.A. million paws walk. It was our first one ever and we both had a fantastic time. Unfortunately Angus could not go because he had been unwell the day before and had to be taken to the vet but he is much better now. So yesterday when Ros woke up she seemed very excited about something! I went over to see what she was up to and she told me we were going somewhere very exciting today. About half an hour later I saw Ros grabbing my leash so I knew it was time to go. I jumped up and ran outside. Then Ros said that I could now get into the car as it really was time to go. I was very excited. A little while later we had arrived at our destination. Once my humans had got everything out of the car we headed off to the million paws walk. This was the first time we had ever gone so we were very excited to see what happens there. Once we had arrived we could see heaps of doggies everywhere but the first doggie I got to say hello to was one I already knew because she lives where we live! My human had a very nice talk with her human while Kelly and I said hello to each other.

This is Kelly.
After we had finished saying hello we went to find the entrance and this was what we saw once we saw once we got in. People and doggies everywhere!! Oh, boy! I was so excited.

Just look at all the doggies. After having a look around with my humans for a little while we heard that the walk was starting so off we headed to start the walk. The walk was three kilometres which was just the perfect distance as it allowed you to do some exploring but still have enough energy to still say hello to everyone when you had finished. So off we headed on the walk with me leading the way.

At the start of the walk we went over this little bridge then around in a big loop. The walk was held at a place called President's Park. It's a huge paddock area with a large lake in the middle and some lovely old gum trees on one side. There were heaps of people there out to enjoy the walk with their doggies.

Here I am having just started the walk. It was just the most beautiful place ever as you can see. There was just so much space to run around. Doggies are allowed to go when they want to go walkies and there is a path the whole way around. Here are a few photos of me on the walk.

Saying hello to a very nice Husky. Isn't she beautiful? After saying hello we had to continue with our walk. I was given this nice bandana when we arrived and I think it looks very nice against my chocolate coat.

So off we go continuing on with our walk. We saw heaps of doggies everywhere as we started getting to the end of our walk.

The walk is almost over. Just a little further to go. On the way back we said hello to a beautiful Alaskan Malamute and a Chocolate Labrador.

Aren't they beautiful?
After the walk was over we went to say hello to all the doggies that were there. Aren't these doggies cute in their little outfits?

So being the sociable boy that I am I made lots of friends today and my first freind was a Gordon Setter. While our humans watched us we did a proper doggie hello to each other with lots of sniffing and wagging tails.

His owner was very nice and after we had finished saying hello I went to say hello to his owner and she gave me a scratch on my back. I loved it as you can see from the big doggie grin on me face.

So after saying hello to this doggie we continued on and quickly found another doggie to say hello to. The next doggie we ran into was a sixteen year old Dalmatian doggie. My poor human was not able to get a good photo of the dalmatian face so this is the only one she managed to get. Next time I will make sure the photos are up to my standard. He was a very nice doggie.

Here I am saying hello doggie style. After saying hello to this doggie Ros took me to have a drink and the people that ran this day had buckets of water everywhere. After having a drink I went to say hello to more doggies. Then I wanted to have a little rest as the competitions were starting. The competitions were bigggest and smallest doggie and the best dressed doggie.

This is the smallest dog competition. The winner was the toy poodle at the end. It was just so tiny that it was only just bigger than my front paw. As the winner it got a little doggie bed in pink. It seemed very happy with it and lied down in it straight away. All the people were amazed at how tiny it was. Here is a photo to show you just how small it was.

Isn't it so tiny? Then the next competition was the largest dog competition. Unfortunately my human did not manage to get any photos of the largest dog competition but the winner was the Malamute that we saw earlier. So the last competition was best dressed.

The winner was the doggie in the pink dress in the background. So competitions were over I went to make some more friends and the first doggies I met were two Brittany Spaniels. After saying hello to each other we were instant best friends. We bounced and play bowed to each other for a good five minutes. Actually we had met these doggies at the pet expo a few months ago.

Aren't they so pretty? Next I said hello to a beautiful female yellow Labrador. Isn't she so pretty?

Next we met a big doggie that was a cross between a Bull Mastiff, Pit Bull and Rhodesian Ridgeback and while to some he might look scary he was a big teddy bear and we became fast friends.

Here we are saying hello to each other. The next doggie I said hello to was a Chocolate Labradoodle. She had very nice eyes as you can see.

The next doggie we saw was a blue merle Australian Sheperd that was very photogenic. You can see from this photo that it thinks so too as it tried to get its nose as close to the camera as possible.

Hasn't he got a very handsome face? Here he is saying hello to me.

So after saying hello we went for a little walk around and had a look at some of the stalls they had set up. There were some interesting things. In one stall was a doggie photo person and lots of other doggie things. All of the doggies that went got a bag full of things to take home and I got a tug toy and three Frisbees so I can't wait to play with them. One of the stalls even had a little mascot. A very cute little Pug.

Then Ros saw two Shar Pei's so she went over to get a photo of them. This was her best photo.

After this we were starting to think about going home as we had been there a long time and I was getting a bit tired so off we headed to the car. Before we got there we ran into more doggies and of course I just had to say hello. The first doggie we met was a French Bulldog and to tell the truth I was a little unsure about him as he was making some very strange noises so after saying a quick hello we moved off. After we had moved away Ros explained it was just him breathing and that's why he was making the funny nosie.

So then we ran into a very big yellow Labrador. He was even bigger than me but we had a great time saying hello and I have my paws crossed that one day I might meet him again so we can have a play.

So I really hope I see him again. On the way out we met two Long Haired German Shepherd puppies and I Loved saying hello to them as well. One was four months old and the other was five months but they were all ready bigger than me.

So after saying hello to these two doggies we decided to go home. We had a fantastic time and I hope we can go back to President's Park one day as it was such a nice spot. Once I got home I fell asleep straight away. I can't wait till next year's walk. I had such fun.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey! Angus & Milo, here. Yesterday we got two huge bones. At lunchtime Ros called us over and she said that she had a big spoil for us. So we quickly got up and ran over to see what she wanted. This is what we saw. Ros told us that they were bought from a special place called the butchers. We bet it's a place where bones are sold just for doggies and people who have dogs can come to buy them. Ours had been split down the middle so we could get to the marrow. Yum, our favourite part.

Oh my dog! How exciting is this? We quickly went outside for our bones. Well we got outside and ran down the back which is where we get our bones so as always we had to sit first. I was a bit naughty this time and got up and tried to take it before Ros said i could but she didn't let me get away with it. So I was made to sit back down and wait again. As soon as I was a good boy I got my bone very quickly.

Being a good boy waiting for my bone.

Being very cheeky trying to take my bone before I was allowed too. Milo was very good though and stayed sitting the entire time.

After we heard the magic word we snatched up our bones and went to find a prime bone eating area.

Off we went with our bones. I chose a spot near a mulch heap but my bone soon got covered in leaves and twigs.

No, this will not do at all. I got Ros to clean it for me then after that I took it to a different spot and sat down and began to enjoy my bone. Milo had found a good spot straight away and was already really enjoying his bone.

So yummy.

Having a great chew of my bone. These bones gave us at least two hours chewing enjoyment and still had enough meat left on them today to give us another hours enjoyment. Here are a few more photos of us enjoying our spoil.

So we loved chewing our bones today and once we had finished we came inside for a big sleep. We can't wait until the next time we get a bone spoil.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Hi! Milo and Angus here. Today we went to Rothwell Reserve we are very lucky in Little River and we have lots of these tiny reserves with in walking distance from our house.

Isn't it a nice spot ?
We love to go there as there are always great smells. It's a one and a half kilometre walk from our house to there. So off we went to Rothwell Reserve.

After a little while we had arrived. Isn't it a beautiful spot? There is a nice walking path for our humans to walk down while we are busy exploring.

There is some beautiful scenery at Rothwell Reserve. Lots of lovely big old gum trees and lots of other interesting smelling plants.

We have just arrived and can't wait to start exploring. Off we went with our humans enjoying the sights and to a lesser degree the smells. We have noticed that humans much prefer to look at things rather then smell them. It's very strange if you ask us. After all, how can any-one truly enjoy something if they don't smell it first?

Having a sniff of a bush. All of a sudden something appeared that was quite strange and very big. It sort of looked like a huge dog but it certainly didn't smell like one. We were both extremely interested in this huge thing so we both kept a close eye on it.

Then our humans explained they were animals called horses and they were really very nice looking. Their humans were very nice and our humans had a very good chat with them. Aren't they pretty looking?

Soon they had to keep going on their walk. A little while later it was time for us to go home as well. Just as we were leaving we saw another doggie appear. She was an English Springer Spaniel named Mandy.

So after saying hello to her it was time to go home. We can't wait to come back to Rothwell Reserve for another great adventure.


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