Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hi Milo & Jet here! Yesterday was a very exciting day :) We awoke early in the morning and we noticed our human Ros was already dressed so we got very excited about an adventure.  We jumped up and raced out to the car.  We had soon arrived at our destination. There were doggies everywhere! :)
                 We couldn't wait to introduce ourselves.  It was Milo that made the first friend  of the morning in a lovely Dalmatian Doggie.

Soon we heard that the walk was to start so we headed over to the start sign and lined up ready.  Suddenly the walk began and all the humans started laughing as they began the walk by playing a song called Who Let The Dogs Out :) So we headed off into a stampede of people and dogs.
 There were Big Dogs and Little Dogs, Black & Yellow Dogs, Striped & Spotted Dogs, Long fur and some with no fur.
               Soon we were at the end of the walk and so we walked around meeting new friends and Jet decided to pose for a photo.
 Then we heard the competitions were starting so we raced over to join in.  The first competition  was the Biggest Dog Competition. In paraded four very big doggies.
 After much deliberating by the judges the winner was announced and it was the Beautiful Big St Bernard Doggie. The next competition was the waggiest tail competition.  So Ros and I entered the ring with many other waggly tail doggies and soon set about wagging our tails to the best of our doggie ability.
                     The winner was the very cute little cavalier that was standing next to me.  After this competition was over we decided it was time to head home as we were very tired by this stage so started heading back towards the car.  First though we stopped to get a family photo.
               We had a pawesome day and made many new friends. We can't wait for next year.


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