Sunday, July 27, 2014


Hi Jet Here! Yesterday was a very exciting day for me as Ros and I went to our new favourite off lead area Altona Costal Park.  We arrived early afternoon and it didn't take me long before I made my first new fur friends.      
Then I made the most pawesome new fur friend in a small labrador doggie.  After a quick introduction we quickly discoverd that we both loved wrestling.
 After such a pawesome time wrestling with my new friend I was very sad when I heard his human calling him to go home.  To make myself feel better I decieded to go for a walk in the water and I quickly made a new friend in a lovely yellow labrador. I was walking through the water when I suddenly went for a suprise swim.
  After my swim we headed off down the path and soon I had meet my twin in another black labrador and then there was three. Our new friend was quite nervous of us two handsome labradoggies so after a quick sniff we both quickly continued on.

Well I had reached the end off the walk so we turned around and started walking back and once we neared the begging of the walk again I made three new friends. We all shared a similar obsession with the water.  
After all the racing and splashing I and my new friends decided to start a pawesome game off three way tug.  
After such a great game off tug it was home time as it was starting to get late and very cold for the humans so we headed back to the car. Once we returned home after getting a quick drink and being dried off I soon looked like this. Goodnight everybody.
One Very Tired Puppy 


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