Saturday, April 28, 2012


Hey Milo Here! Today I had a very exciting adventure going to Riverbend Historic Park. It was a pawesome place with hundreds of smells and lots of new friends to say hello to. Just before lunch time I saw my human grabbing my lead. Oh boy! It meant we were about to go out some where together. Once  Ros had grabbed everything we needed I jumped into the car and off we headed on our adventure. After we been driving for a little while Ros suddenly told me to look out the window as we were getting close to our destination.          

There was a sign telling the humans the right way to go because they aren't blessed with our amazing sniffing abilities so they do need some help.  Well after a little while longer we had arrived and I was very excited to be somewhere new.  The first very exciting thing that happened was we had barely even got out of the car when the first doggie appeared.    
Isn't he cute? Unfortunately we didn't get a great greeting shot.  The camera was still resting in the car and wasn't even on. By the time it was the doggie was already walking away.  Anyway you can take my barks for it we did a very nice hello with nice swishing tails and big happy smiles.  After talking to this little chap we headed off to begin our walk. 
Oh that looks interesting!  We didn't get very far before I found the local doggie newsletter so of course, I had to start off reading the news. 

It was extremely interesting and it took me a good six minutes to read it all properly even with my nose sniffing overtime.  Eventually though, my nose was satisfied that it had got it all so at last we began our walk. Isn't it a beautiful spot?

We didn't get very far before Ros found a place for me to pose. I think I look very handsome silhouetted against the water.  

After posing for the camera and getting a big hug for doing such a good job we went off to explore this new place.  
As I was sniffing this pole I suddenly heard Ros call out to me very excitedly.  Ros told me to look up and this is what I saw.  
 This made us both hugely excited as Ros loves taking me to places where I'm allowed to  just be let off to explore and let my fur down so to speak. Plus, it's better for making friends as we don't have to worry about our humans becoming stressed and holding onto our leads too tight. This can then make us stressed too and then we might get grumpy with the other doggie. This makes humans even more stressed and then they overreact and as all doggies know that never ends well. Although my human Ros is quite good about keeping my lead nice and lose so i don't get worried I must say I have trained her very well. Plus even though I could stop to sniff I then had to run to catch up so it was like a real pack walk. My favourite type. Isn't it a pawesome place? 
After all that walking and exploring Ros called me over to do some more posing photos.   
After the posing was finished we continued on with our pack walk. Suddenly we came across a lovely little area with lots of nice native grasses and a few big shrubs.
There was a very interesting smell at the bottom of this tree. So interesting in fact that I didn't notice as my humans walked past and kept going until I looked up and saw they had gone on without me!!!  I quickly trotted off after them so they wouldn't leave me behind.
Humans, wait for me! Once I got back to my people I got lots of good boys for coming back so fast. We kept going but I soon found another interesting smell so I had to stop quickly and turn around so I didn't lose it.
 Oh! This smells good! I wonder who it could of been? When I looked up again I suddenly spotted a  little pug dog coming towards us.  He was out jogging with his human but they stopped to have a little talk with us before continuing on.    
Unfortunately my human forgot a face photo but he was a very cute little guy. I had barely finished saying hello to him when another doggie appeared. She was a sixth month old Australian Kelpie. She was very bouncy and quite small for six months. She was only just bigger then the pug doggie.             
 Well after having fun meeting two new friends we continued on with our walk.  Firstly though I had to do some posing for the camera.    
After the posing we continued on with our walk but we didn't get very far when we ran into one huge doggie and his big sister. They were a Douge de bordeaux x Neapolitan Mastiff x American Bulldog and a pure American Bulldog. They were both very nice and we had a great time saying hello to each other. 
While I and the American Bulldog had lots of fun playing, her friend was much more interested in chewing up his stick. 
After we finished saying hello to each other we both continued on with our walks but my friends had left me a souvenir to remember them by.       
They covered my head with slober which I thought was quite nice of them. We finally come to the end of our walk so then we had to turn around and go back again. 
We were almost halfway back when we ran into two more doggies that came over to say hello. They were a white german shepherd and a brown and white border collie. 
  After saying goodbye to them we kept going but stopped every now and then so Ros could get photos of my handsome self. 
We kept going for a tiny bit longer when finally we reached the car. After the humans had packed up everything I jumped in and fell straight to sleep. I was just so tired from all the walking. My humans think that it was about four kilometres all up. With that distance and making new friends plus getting all the new smells right I could barely keep my little doggie eyes open.     
I slept the entire way home and only woke up to go inside to my doggie bed and I soon fell straight back to sleep. 


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