Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! Once in the car we headed off on our holiday adventure together.  After a while we  had apparently arrived at our destination so Milo & I were confused when the humans left us behind in the car.  This was more a destination for people to visit.  Still, later that night, we looked at what our humans had been up to and we said they were allowed to included some of their photos on our blog.  These are the Twelve Apostles and after viewing the Apostles they spotted a mainland tiger snake in the grass.  Yikes!! Good thing we were safe in the car.
       It wasn't long before our humans returned and we were off again to another destination and this time we knew this was a place for us.  Once the humans had grabbed everything out of the car we headed over to Heytesburg Settlement Historical Park. It was a lovely place with lovely trees and a big dam and hundreds of new smells.              
 The first thing we did once we had arrived was have photos of our handsome selves taken which turned out very well.
 Once photos were finished the fun began and we headed straight for the one thing any true labrador doggie would head for first; the water.
 Milo and I had a great time going for a swim and fetching our stick. Once I got back to shore the most peculiar thing happened.  I suffered from swimming induced craziness.  One must love swimming and be very excited to suffer this condition.  It's most commonly found in labradors. I suffered three separate attacks.        
After all that swimming we decided to go for a walk around the dam as there was a nice little pathway.  We waited to explore whilst Milo got his photo taken under a lovely gum tree.
                                                   The beginning of our walk. Isn't it lovely?
Once we broke through the trees we found an oval waiting for us so we took off to go and have a look to see what we could find. 
                      The first thing we found was a big puddle which we enjoyed splashing in.
After splashing through the puddle we continued on until we found a most interesting smell at the base of a tree.
                 Then we continued on, only stopping when we found the next interesting smell.
We had walked around the whole oval and after stopping for one last splash in the puddle we headed back towards the car. 
 We were almost back to the car when it was decided a family photo was in order so after sniffing out the perfect place the posing began.  
Don't we look pawesome together? Well, after our family photo we arrived back at the car where we all jumped in and we soon fell straight to sleep. All this walking had made our humans hungry so they went to a near-by visitors info centre to get lunch and while there they saw some lovely native parrots.    
Crimson Rosella 
Male King Parrot 
Female King Parrot 
 Aren't they beautiful birdies? Well after a bit of bird spotting we went back to our cottage for a very well deserved sleep. We hope you enjoyed hearing about the second part of our holiday. There is still one more exciting adventure to tell you about. Bye now from Milo & Jet. 


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