Friday, December 31, 2010


Hey Milo Here! Yesterday was a very hot day 4o.9 Celsius. Last night to prepare for today, our human made us dogsicles! Get it? What she does is put some water into two cups and then she will add something into it like chicken wings or maybe apple or carrot chopped up. This time she put in beef stock. It was delicious.

Don't they look yum?
We got them at lunchtime. So after Ros had got them out of the cups she came over with them and we were already waiting for them. We had to sit first though and wait until Ros said, ok then we know we're allowed to have our spoil.

Yum yum beefy goodness. I much prefer to savour things as once its gone wellwe don't get any more so I enjoyed my dogsicles one lick at a time.

Ah, delish. I much prefer to have things all at once and not bother about savouring things. Much better to have it all at once I reckon or it might disappear.

We were enjoying them so much that soon there was hardly any left.

Oh, almost gone! That was so yummy!!! I wonder If Ros made more?

All gone. I loved my dogsicles.
We hope it won't get this hot again becasuse apart from our dogsicles we did not have the best day. It was just too hot. Even our humans thought so and they don't have fur like us. We asked Ros and she said the next few days will be more reasonable, even cool enough for walkies, if we go in the morning but then she says it starts getting hot again. By the way dogsicles aer very easy to make if you want one. Our human learned the idea from a book on puppies. You can make then any size you like. Just put some goodies and liquid in any container and freeze overnight.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hello! Angus here ! A lot has been happening with me lately. I was on a walk with ros and her mum and Milo And I were let off our leashes to have a run. I was having a great time when suddenly one of my back legs started to hurt really badly. So badly I had to stop and lie down. When Ros came over to see if I was alright I could not get back up again which was scary as that had never happened before. I tried to get up but I felt like one of my legs was gone so I qucikly sat back down again. Eventually I was able to get back on my feet but I could not put my right back leg on the ground at all and it was a long way home so while ros stayed with me her mum went to get the car. A little while way later ros' mum arrived and between them they managed to get me in the car so I was taken home and I managed to get inside all by myself.

A few days later there was no improvement so my humans decided to call the vet. Our vet comes out to us and they drive around in an amimal ambulance. They're called Vet to Pet and they are based in Lara. We love our vets. We always get excited when they arrive as they're very nice people.

So after we said hello it was time to find out what was wrong with my leg. I lay down to be a good boy so it would be easier for them and after a brief look and moving my leg around a bit it was found out that I had completely snapped my cruciate and anterior ligaments and the only way for it to be fixed was an operation. A week later I was taken In for my first appointment and I was perfect although I do have some weight to lose. So my humans learnt all they needed to care for me after the operation and the price. I had to be brought in the day before the operation so I would not be fed before my anaesthetic.
So two days ago I was taken in for my op. All went well so later that same day I was allowed to come home but I don't quite think I realised where I was as I still very much recovering from the anaesthetic.

I'm so sleepy.

I was still very sore and was wimping a little bit every so often. During the op they shaved off most of my coat on that side so now I'm somewhat bald on that side.

As you can see. They gave me some medicine that I have to take morning and night for the next week or so. They are antibiotics, pain meds and rimadyl; an anti inflammatory.
I have to stay in one spot for six weeks and then I can start going tiny walks again; no more than ten mintutes long but it will be about ten weeks before I'm allowed back on proper off lead walks again. Until then I'll be staying in this.

I can't move around at all! I go back to Lort Smith Animal hospital in two weeks to get the stiches taken out. So until then I'll be resting lots. Well,bye for now. We will keep everyone updated.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Milo, here. Yesterday we got a brand new toy from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. He is a lot of fun to play with and he sings when you bite his head.

Isn't he cool?
He was heaps of fun to play with as he was very soft. Here I'm posing next to him just after we had got him.

So after the posing was done the playing began and I found he is very good for fetching and chewing on.

Grrrrr, I got you. There shall be no escaping! So after I had lots of fun chewing on him I decided I wanted to play fetch. He was so much fun to chase and I found out the best places to pick him up are on his tummy and back.

Got him! Then I had lots of fun killing him by shaking him around in my mouth. Then I bought him back to Ros and we started again.

Here, Ros. Are you ready?

Bringing it back again. After a few more throws I decided more chewing was in order.

Such fun! We had a great game with our new Santa toy. I can't wait to take him with us to the oval. It'll be such fun.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hey Milo here. It's been a long time since I've done a post as the weather has been so bad that we basically have been stuck inside but today was a great day so we played baseball Milo style. It was such great fun. I'm very talented and can dribble and shoot goals.

So we went outside and the fun began.

Come on throw it, throw it!

I'm ready. Kick the ball. Please, pretty please.

I'm off! Oh, the excitement. Oh the fun! Just look at me go, super pup. Just look at my ears. I can be quite a cheeky boy at times especially when I play with my basketball. Instead of bringing it back for my people I run off to hide it in the longest bit of grass I can find then I stand there and bark. Suddenly the ball weighs 100kg which is of course far too much for me to pick up myself so I get my humans do it for me. I mean why should I have all the fun?

I'm waiting.
Then I wanted to demonstrate my awesome dribbling talent for my human's new friend. I think I was very impressive if i do say so myself.

I'm very good at using my nose at high speed to push the ball along. I use my front legs to keep the ball moving and I also use my mouth to nip at it because it's so big it flies back out again and it just keeps going.
I'm also great at scoring goals. My human says I'm like a chocolate version of Air Bud. What do you think?

Well, I had a great time playing with my human today and I have my paws crossed that the weather will stay nice from now on and we can start to go on walks again.


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