Monday, May 14, 2018


Hi Jet & Arli here! Last week we went for a pawesome big walk to one of our favourite places Presidents Park.  It was late lunch time when we headed off towards our destination.
                  We has soon arrived and we quickly got down to exploring all the new smells.
            It didn't take us long before we zoomed off to our favourite area.  The local dam.  Swimming fun was initiated.
After having a great time splashing around in the water we decided to walk on towards the big doggie fenced area.
It didn't take us long until we had arrived and we were excited to see so many new doggie friends. 
         After all that racing around with friends Jet and I met back up for a family photo :)  
After our family photo Ros decide it was time to start walking home so we said goodbye to our fur friends and then started heading home.   


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