Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Hey Milo here! This afternoon I went for a lovely walk down to the river with my humans. At four o'clock we headed off on our walk to the river.
On the way to the river. Isn't it a nice view on the way down there? After walking for a little while we had arrived at the river so I was let off to start exploring.
I haven't been to the river for a while so there were hundreds of new smells to sniff.
After having a good sniff around we continued on with our walk when I thought I would try my paw at hide and seek. There was a big bit of long grass near the side of the path that made the perfect hiding place.
What do you think dog friends? Didn't I do a good job of hiding? After playing hide and seek we continued on with our walk with me leading the way.
We had been at the river for a while when Ros decided it was time to start heading home again but not before she took one more photo of my handsome self.

So after the photo taking was done we headed off home but on the way we stopped at the park so I could get a drink. Well. I loved my afternoon river walk today and can't wait to go on another one soon.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Hey Milo here! Yesterday I went to a horse riding competition with my family as Ros' sister was competing. I got there at lunch time and once my humans got all they needed out of the car we headed off to start exploring.
Aren't all the horses beautiful? After stopping to check out the horses we headed off to go find some new fur friends for me. As well as horses there were also lots of dogs out there enjoying a day out with their humans. The first dogs we ran into were two border collies that were very nice and we had lots of fun making friends.
Hello, my name is Milo. What's yours? After we had all been introduced we headed off to go to look at some of the stalls they had set up. Unfortunately my human didn't get any good photos of the stalls so I can't show you what they looked like but they were very cool. They had lots of things for horses & one stall even had tiny dog blankets so that was cute especially because they even had their own doggie model.
After we had finished looking at the doggie outfits Ros decided to get some photos of my handsome self.
After the photo taking was done we began walking around again when suddenly I was seeing spots.
Isn't he a handsome Dalmatian! We hit it off instantly and began playing together straight away.

After having lots of fun meeting a new friend we kept on walking and soon we had run into a few more doggies so being the social boy that I am I just had to go and introduce myself. Firstly, I said hello to a cavalier king charles spaniel that was very nice and we said a nice hello to each other.

Next we ran into two big doggies. According to my human Ros they where a Great Pyrenees and an Akita.
We been there for a long time so we decided to go and have a rest and watch the horses for a little while. I, of course, made sure to get the most comfortable spot. I find using my humans as pillows works very well.
Aren't we just so comfy?! So we settled down to watch the horses doing jumping.
We had been watching the jumping for a while when my humans decided to go and have another look around. We didn't get far though before we ran into more doggies so they came over to say hello.
After saying hello to these doggies my humans started to think about going home as we'd been there a long time so we headed towards the car. As soon as we arrived at the car I jumped in ready to go home as I was very tired by this stage.
Oh, before I forget my human Ros wants to show you her favourite dog from the horse competition. He was a merle great dane named Merlin. Isn't he handsome?
Soon we arrived home and I flopped down and fell to sleep only getting up to go onto my doggie bed for the rest of the night. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about my day at the horse competition. I had a great day and can't wait until I can go to another one.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Hey Milo Here. Today when my humans came home from shopping I smelled at once that they had bought a huge bone for me. Oh Boy!! Ros took me straight outside to enjoy my spoil. As always I had to sit first before I was allowed my spoil but very soon I was allowed to take my bone and I walked off to go and enjoy it.
Once I had found a suitable location I lay down and immediately began to munch on my bone.
After chewing for a little while longer I decided to go and move into the shade. I picked up my bone and headed off into the shade of a nearby tree.
I had a lovely time chewing my bone today. It gave me at least three hours of chewing enjoyment and after chewing a bone for that long my teeth were sparkling.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hey! Milo here. Today when my humans came home I knew at once they had something for me. I could not wait to see what it was. They had got all the boring stuff out the way when finally they pulled out what they had bought for me. I was very excited.
It was a brand new collar and lead. It's very striking I think with its red and white stripes that look pawesome against my chocolate coat. As always when I get a new collar some modelling was in order.
All in all I think I look very handsome with my new collar and lead and I can't wait to show my dog friends in Little River the next time I go for a walk.


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