Saturday, November 30, 2013


Hey Milo & Jet here! Yesterday was a very hot day so we decided to take our humans on a pawesome outing to our favourite place in the world. The Beach!   It was a very hot day yesterday so we decided it would be the perfect day to go for a swim down at the beach.  After we had made sure that Ros had grabbed all the things that are needed for the beach we jumped into the car and headed off on an adventure. After a while we had arrived and we couldn't wait to begin exploring.
The view when we first arrived. Once we were let off we went off to find the closest new smell.   
 After reading all the local pee mail we headed off to see what new doggie friends we could make and it didn't take us long before we met out first new friend.
 After meeting up with our first friend we continued on and decided to go for a nice stroll through the water.
After strolling through the water I decided it was time to bring out our pink toy for a pawesome game of fetch and soon Milo joined in. We also played a pawesome game of tug.   
  After a great game of tug o war we both headed off to further explore the beach. It didn't take long for Milo to make a new friend in a lovely border collie dog.
 While going for a trot along the beach I spotted a border collie doggie that looked like lots of fun to play with.

 Then after a great game of chase Ros decided to get some photos of us two handsome boys standing on the beach.
After photos of our handsome selves were taken we were getting very tired so we decided it was time to go home.  After packing up all our stuff we headed back towards the car and once we jumped inside we fell straight to sleep dreaming of another pawesome day at the beach.   


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