Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! When we woke this morning we could smell today was going to be a beautiful day so we told Ros that we wanted to go for a walk in this lovely weather. Ros very quickly agreed so once she grabbed all the important things like our leads and some treats we headed off on our walk.  It wasn't long before we had arrived at our destination.
One of our favourite walks is the oval. We were soon let off to explore and we hadn't been there for a while so there were many new smells to sniff. 
 Then after we had fun sniffing all the new smells we headed off on our walk around the oval.
 Then we walked across the oval and Jet found a very exciting smell which triggered a massive zoomie episode.
 Once Jet had calmed down again we all went over into the shade for a rest and some photos of us boys together.  
 During photos Jet decided that he would look better upside down so he got into the position while I enjoyed barking at his silliness.
 After our photos we decided it was time to start heading home as we were quite hot with our winter coats still on. Once we returned home, after having a big drink, we fell straight to sleep dreaming of the nice weather that's on its way.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey Milo & Jet here! Yesterday morning we woke up and saw Ros had grabbed our leads so we knew that we were about to go off on an adventure. After making sure we had all that we needed, like treats, we jumped into the car ready to head off on our adventure. A while later we saw a sign out of the car window saying that we were getting close to our destination.    
  We soon arrived and we couldn't wait to get out and start exploring. We hadn't been for a long time so there were hundreds of new smells to sniff once we had been let off to explore.
After all that important sniffing Jet and I took to doing huge zoomies together. 
After having such fun racing around after each other Jet met his first friend of the day. It was another black lab so he and Jet had a nice time playing chase. 
Then we decided to go for a little walk along the path to see what we could find and smell. It had lots of lovely flowering gum trees so there are lots of lovely parrots flying around everywhere.  We made sure Ros took a photo so you could see the parrots.  Aren't they so colourful? They're called  Rainbow Lorrikeets.       
 As we continued along the track we came across a big gap in the trees where we could see right out to the city. We decided that this was the perfect place for a family photo.
Don't we look pawesome together :) After our family photo we continued on.  We ran into our second doggie friend of the day, an Australian Cattle Dog x
 The next doggie friend we met was a lovely young Australian Kelpie called Red. Oh Boy! Could Red zoom! It was like chasing after a cheetah. Even with her super camera Ros could barely keep up with our super fast speed.
After all our racing around we slowed down as we were starting to get quite hot. So, we slowed down and did some sniffing of each other instead. 
After some friendly sniffing Red had to continue on with his walk and we decided to do some posing for photos. We look very handsome if we do say so ourselves. 
Once photos were finished we turned around and headed back down the path towards the open area where all the doggies play together. There was one very brave little white doggie that was willing to take on all 36 kilos of playful labrador.    
 One of the good things about Yarra Bend Park is it has a nice little cafe close to the river with yummy foods for the humans to enjoy. Well we had been there for a while and our humans were getting quite hungry so we started heading towards the cafe to see what they had. Along the way we ran into a few more doggie friends so we stopped quickly to say hello.
While our humans enjoyed their lunch we had a quick nap so that when they'd finished we had lots more energy to play with more doggie friends. Walking back.    
 Once we got back we ran into Jets best fur friend of the entire day. It was a cute little crossbred doggie and oh boy could he bounce. 
Play With Me Please 
Soon we were having our very own bouncing competition, seeing who could bounce the highest.  Who do you think won?    
While I was having such fun with my pawesome new fur friend I spotted a Chocolate Labrador doggie so we went over to say hello. 
 Then as we were busy introducing ourselves to our new chocolate friend Milo's best fur friend of our day out turned up. He was a lovely ten year old yellow labrador.    
 While I busy making new friends with my new labrador pal, Jet was busy in the distance chasing after yet another kelpie doggie that was playing ball with their human.
 As hard as I tried I simply could not keep up so eventually I gave up and started heading back toward my humans; when I got side tracked by another furry friend. She loved flopping on to her belly almost like she was asking for a massage. She was good at the chase game too.
Then I heard Milo calling out to me about another fur friend so I came running as fast as I could. 
 He had a very cool face with two little black patches covering his eyes which was very Zorro like. We think he could be a border collie x corgi. After first introducing ourselves the fun began.  At one point Jet got slightly carried away which led to a doggie crash!!! Thankfully our new friend was robust.
 Well after this last play our humans decided it was time for us to go home.  We had been there all day and we were two very tired puppies. We said good bye to all our freinds and then we headed off towards the car.  As soon as we jumped in we fell to sleep and we slept all the way home only waking up to walk inside.
Very soon though we looked like this. Goodnight everybody. Milo & Jet signing out.      


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