Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hi! Angus here! As you all know a while ago I suffered terrible leg ouchie. At my last visit they said I was allowed to start going on walkies again. So in the afternoons when it gets cooler, Ros and I go on tiny walks together.

On Friday, once it had cooled down off we went on our walkies.

Off we go. Come on Ros, let's go! I love our little walks. I get very excited when I know we are about to go on a walk. We head towards the local shop which is not even three houses away so it is the perfect distance. Also, right near the store, is a big patch of empty land so we use that as our place to exercise.

Isn't it a great spot ?
Off we went to our walking spot.

We're almost there.
We go very slowly so as not to hurt my leg but I find going so slowly a bit boring. Ros said that for the time being it's necessary. It only takes a little while to get there and the first thing I do is have a sniff of a bush so I can catch up on all the local doggie news.

Oh! There was so much to read that I spent a good five mintues sniffing the bush. Then we went to start my walking exercise.

Off I go.
It's a good spot because it has lots lovely shade around the outside so it stays nice and cool.

Soon though it was time to go back home. According to Ros we had done enough walking. I wanted to keep going at first but Ros said no but after a little while she gave up and we went a tiny but futher. Ros didn't let me walk much as she didn't want me to hurt my leg so instead I did lots of sniffing.

Oh, this smells interesting! I wonder who it could be? Just look how happy I was that we had gone a bit further then we had before.

I was smiling and I did a little dance. Soon though it was time to go home. But not before Ros gave me a cuddle for doing so well.

I love Ros. She is my special person.
Soon we were back home and I was ready for a rest.

I'm also doing well in other areas. I've got my weight down to 36kg. I was 40kg so that is helping me feel a lot more energetic. Also, the fur on my leg had almost grown back to how it was before they shaved it off for my operation. That's good as I am no longer embarrassed about being seen by other dogs out on my tiny walks. I'm hoping that soon I'll be allowed to go on walks with Milo again as I have been missing my big walks. I always try to head to the river but Ros says "No, not yet." She also says if I'm patient before I know it I'll be back swimming in the river again. I hope so. I miss getting dirty down in the mud at the river then, of course, shaking it all over Ros.

Well bye now from Angus

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey! Milo, here. Yesterday I went for a lovely walk to the oval. We got there just before lunchtime and of course Ros brought all my favourite toys with us.

As there has been so much wet weather walks have been very hard to take but yesterday was great so off we went. Once I ran and ran and ran. I had so much fun and after so many days inside it felt fantastic to stretch my legs.

Off I go.

Running flat out! Just check out the tounge! That's how fast I was going!!

Very soon though I was getting quite hot so I found some nice sade under lovely native pine trees to have a rest.

Ros was quite worried about me as I felt quite hot. She walked me over to one of the two taps at the oval. She had brought an old water jug that had the bottom of it cut off so she filled it up to let me have a drink. Once I had had enough she tipped the rest over my back to try to cool me down.

See how my back is wet? Then after I cooled down a little bit I saw a lovely bush so I went to have a look at it.

Isn't it a beautiful bush? Aren't the flowers lovely? We then went on one more lap of the oval. I had gotten hot again so Ros said, "Time to go."

Home we go.
Half way home we saw two of my dog freinds Cara & Lola but as it was very hot be then so we didn't stop long. Ros got a quick photo.

Aren't they beautiful ? Cara the blonde is a cross between a Lab & Maremma Sheepdog and Lola is a cross between a Lab and Australian Koolie which is a very old Australian hearding breed.

So we were almost home when Ros suddenly got very excited. She told me she had come up with a great idea to cool me down very quickly. As you all know we've had lots of rain lately but what you might not know is that out the front of our house we have two ponds. One we're never allowed in because it has a liner and we could break it with our nails. We only went in once and we got one soft no and never did it again. People are always surprised how good we are about not going in. Luckily, there's another pond that we are allowed in because it's just a hole in the ground that fills up when it rains. We have a great time.

So when we got home, instead of going inside we went starigh to the smaller pond. Ros rolled up her pants and we both walked straight into the water.

I just got in.
Ros has a special saying that tells me I'm allowed to go in the water. It's Milo! Go for swim. Today this was result.

I was in heaven, Labrador style!! Then Ros had some fun splashing me which I loved and I returend the favour by shaking all over her. Ros made a fun squeaking noise every time I did it but afterwards she laughed so I think she liked it. Here is Ros spalshing me.

After a little while we both had had enough and we went in very wet, very happy, and ready for rest.

Inside we go.
I had a fantastic day. Bye for now from Milo.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hey!! Milo, here. This week there has been lots of flooding in Little River. As a consequence all my favourite swimming spots have been far too dangerous to go to as the water has been flowing like rapids.

See. It was so dangerous I was not even allowed to go to the weir for a week. This Tuesday my human Ros deemed it safe enough to go down even though I still wasn't allowed to swim.

Even thought it does not look like it, it has gone down quite a lot.

Just got there! Behind me is the second weir. It is usually empty so that shows you how much rain we've had. Ros and I got down to the important business of exploring.

Here I am exploring a new little stream. At first I was a bit unsure about it all because so much was different but soon I was ok and happy to sniff everything.

Here I am posing for the camera. Soon It was time to go home again but I had a grest time. On the way home Ros let me run throug all the puddles that was heaps of fun.

Stopping to pose in a puddle. I tried to lie down in this puddle but all the little reeds kept poking my tummy so we kept going. Soon we arrived home again.

I went from this .......

....... to this.
Dreaming of my flood adventure! Good night everybody .

Angus here as you all know. I've been on strict rest for the last few weeks. Today was the first day of being allowed to start walks again so ros and and I walked up and down the driveway for five minutes. At the end I was allowed to go and sniff one of the trees in the street. I was so excited that I started dancing round in circles and doing little leaps. It was so fun to be able to go and do some exploring after all this time. I was getting worried that my nose would be broken through lack of use but was very happy to find out that was not the case. All my fur on my operated leg it starting to grow back and I am using the leg by myself on occasion.

The vets say I have a lot of muscle wastage in that leg so I need to do lots of walking. They say though that my leg is stable.

Bye for now from a very happy Angus. We will keep you updated.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey, Milo here. Yesterday I went to a new place I had not been before. It was called Ripley Reserve and it's so beautiful that I think it's my new favourite place. It is about a 25 minute drive from where we live.The scenery on the way there was beautiful.We got there just after lunchtime.

Oh! What's that?

So after a little while we arrived. I was very excited.

Are we there yet? Are we? So after my humans had grabbed everything they needed we went to do some exploring with me leading the way.

Come on, let's go! First we went to look at the river with me leading the way. It was beauitfully clear and surrounded by beautiful gumtrees. So after a bit of exploring my humans Ros wanted to get some photos of me on the little bridge we were standing on. At first though I was so excited that I wasn't looking at the camera but my human Ros doesn't care as she much prefers to see me enjoying myself in photos than having a perfect photo all the time. The last photo was great and I got lots of cuddles for being such a good boy.

Oh, what's that I can smell?

What's that over there?

See I'm such a good boy. After exploring the creek for a few more minutes my humans and I went down the little path that was there.

Ah!! Exploring we shall go! My nose didn't stop for the whole time we were there because there are just so many new smells to sniff. It was not until we got in the car to go home did it stop. Half way round we spotted these tiny purple flowers. Ros wanted to get a few photos of me among the flowers.

Aren't they cute? We took a few more photos of the flowers and this one is Ros' favourite.

Isn't it a great photo? After a few more minutes of exploring there was suddenly a loud nosie coming from high up in all the trees. At first I was a little scared but then I looked at Ros and she did not care about the nosie so I knew it was alright. Ros explained to me that the nosie was cicadas and it was actually qutie a nice nosie because it was sort of like being in the bush.
Then we kept going and a little while later we spotted a very small little gumtree covered in flowers. It smelled just like honey. It was very strongly scented. Even my humans could smell it as soon as they got out of the car.

Isn't it cute? There were butterflies all over it which I found fun to watch.

Soon it was time to go home. I thought we had a great time there and can't wait to go back to Ripley Reserve.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Hi! Angus here. Yesterday we got a huge spoil; turkey drumsticks!! They were huge! Some of our human friends came out today and bought them for us. Aren't they so nice?

Aren't they huge?
Then we were taken outside for our bones. Ros made sure I only went very slowly so as not to hurt my sore leg. Once we were outside we then had to sit and wait nicely for our bones.

Here I'm being a very good boy waiting for my bone.

I'm a good boy too!
We know that as soon as we hear the work ok that we're allowed to start eating them. Once Ros said ok we immediately got down to the business of eating our spoil.

Yum Yum Yum

This is so delicious.
They were the perfect size for us. Even I, who has a habit of trying to eat anything I get in one mouthful got at least half an hours chewing enjoyment. Milo, who much prefers to savour the taste of things, got an hour's enjoyment from his turkey leg. Milo and I are very multi-skilled. We can use our feet to hold our bones while we chew them.

See! Look how clever we are.
After a while of chewing I was starting to notice mine was shrinking! Oh, no! Where's Milo? Oops, mine is a bit smaller that Milos. Maybe I need to learn to savour things like he does.

See? Almost gone.

And look how much Milo has left. Then soon it was pretty much gone.

It's almost gone.

Now I'm sure there must be some left around somewhere ? So after I had finished I was taken back inside and put back in my pen and after a few minutes I fell asleep dreaming off my turkey leg. While I was asleep Milo eventually finished and came inside to have a sleep and a few hours later Ros and Milo went for a lovely walk down Boadles Lane but ros forgot camera so there's no photos. By the way today I'm getting the stitches taken out off my leg.


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