Monday, February 24, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here!  Yesterday we went for a lovely walk into Lara. We found a pawesome bush trail so we all jumped out of the car to see where it would lead us.
 There were many pawsome smells along the way so that provided many a sniffing opportunity.
                                After stopping for a sniff we continued on down the path to see what else we could find.
 We soon reached the end of the path so we turned around and started heading back instead of jumping in the car. We continued on across the road to another lovely part area that had some beautiful flowers and plants.
 Then we stopped for a family photo and if we do say so ourselves we all look very happy together :)
Happy Family 
 Once we had done our family photo we walked around looking at all the lovely flowers that were on display.  
 Once we posed for two last photos we walked back to the car and we jumped in ready to go home. I showed my appreciation for such a fantastic walk. I showed off my famously long doggie tongue.

 Once we got home after having a big drink we slept for the rest of the day dreaming of our Lara walk.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! The other day when Ros came home from shopping we could tell immediately she had food for us. We couldn't wait to see what she had bought for us from Tasman Meats.  Our Favourite Store In The World.
This is what Ros had bought for us :) There's Lamb Necks, Lamb Ribs and Beef Bones so we certainly will be enjoying all this over the next few weeks. Then we saw Ros opening the beef bones and grab out two and then she started heading towards the door so we quickly followed after her.  Heading into our pen to be given our spoil. 
We spent the next few hours chewing on our bones until not one piece of meat was left anywhere on them. Then we came inside for a big sleep as all that chewing was very hard work and our teeth just about shone in the dark afterwards.   


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