Friday, October 21, 2011


HI Angus & Milo's human here. Well where do I start with this news? Angus has lung cancer :( It all started six months ago when out of the blue he started coughing in the middle of the night. He would only do it when he was lying down and then only once or twice so we didn't think it was anything too serious but as time went on and there was no change and he only seemed to be getting worse we started thinking maybe there was something more serious going on. He would have strange days where he would refuse to get off his dog bed and seemed hot to the touch almost like he had a tempreture but then he would be fine the next day. Numerous vet visits never showed anything horrible. So we were sent home with antibiotics as they though a virus was the cause. They did help him and even stopped the coughing but when they ran out all the symptoms came back again. Then ten weeks ago he had been better then he had been but then overnight almost he suddenly went down hill and had two horrible days in a row. He was just flat, had no energy to do anything and spent the entire day on his dog bed panting as though he had just run an olympic marathon and he just didn't seem comfortable no matter what way he lay and he felt hot again. The Dogs were booked in for their yearly needles the next day so we were glad that was the case as something was very wrong. Then the next day he seemed a tiny bit better. He wasn't as hot as he had been the day before but when they were taken out to have their breakfast angus just didn't touch it and that just wasn't him. If you have ever had a dog that loves food you understand that when they turn their nose up at dinner something is very wrong. Angus loves his food. He once ate an entire 16 kg bag of dog food all by himself. He got in big trouble for doing that and once stole an entire chook off the table that was meant to be for christmas lunch. He seemed most pleased with himself for that. So today was the vet appointment. They were taken to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital. They arrived at lunch time and they were taken into the consultation room to be looked at. Angus went first. They listened to his heart and it was going miles too fast. Then they took his temprature and it was 40 Celsius - far too hot. So they said there was something really wrong and they were going to keep him overnight to find out what was wrong. They then took him straghit back to the intensive care unit to be put on a cold water IV to try and get the temp down. Milo checked out fine. So that day after we had left they did all sorts of tests to find out what was wrong; they did xrays and an ultrasound. It was discovered that he has lung cancer that can be very aggressive and it's also in his lymph nodes and that was the reason he had been coughing all the time and he had lost a lot of weight and was down to 30kg. So Lort Smith Hospital gave us four choices for him. Send him to a specialist hospital to try to have the cancer removed, two lort smith would try to do it them selves , three was bring him home for a week to say goodbye and then take him back to lort smith when he went down hill and the last chocie was putting him down straight away. We chose number three. It felt like the best choice for him and he was happy to be home again. He had about five different medications that he had to take and we had to promise to give it all if he was to come home for the week. The meds were a combination of pain meds , anti inflammatries ,cough syrup and a combo of pain - anti inflammatry. He didn't like any of them but with some help of vegemite he took them like a good boy. I slept on the floor with him next to his dog bed that week. So the end of the week rolled around far too quickly so he was taken in but we were given a very nice surprise. They thoughat that he was doing so well that they gave him an extra four weeks so after changing his cough meds for a new stronger one he was allowed to come home again. We were of course over the moon by this turn of events. He was much better than when we took him the first time any of our friends who had seen him when he was really sick coudn't believe how good he looked and how happy he was again. Even Milo seemed happier that angus was feeling better. Then when the four weeks ran out we took him back and were given another six weeks and they even said he should be fine to come on holidays with us at christmas time. His next appointment is November the 19th and he has been doing well so hopefully he will get even more time. He has even been on a few walks which he has loved. He has his good and bad days but he is a very happy boy. So he has been getting lots of extra cuddles which he has been enjoying and getting even more spoils then he was already. Well bye now from angus and milo's human.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Hey Angus & Milo here. Last week we had a very exciting day. We took our human down to the blessing of the animals at our local church. It started at 2: 30pm in the afternoon what ever that means. So once our human had grabbed our leads we headed off down to the blessing of the animals. Our human always love to walk us down as it means we aren't as excited when we arrive and can relax when the humans have to do their part.

This is the church it's held in every year. Isn't it cute? So we had arrived just in time for the blessing to start so Ros quickly found an empty spot down the back to sit and the humans began to do the blessing. We tried to join in when the humans started to sing, barking in the background. It was the blessing for the animals so should the animals not help? But unfortunately we were told to stop as we were not so much in the back ground as we thought we were. But everyone thought it was quite funny. Our human didn't get any photos of the actual blessing as she didn't have time to grab the camrea before we went in but we made sure she got a photo so you can see where we were sitting.

This is where we were sitting. So after the blessing was over we went outside to say hello to everyone else who had come. There were lots of people and doggies this time; the most that had ever been ros thought. We made sure ros got photos of everyone. There were also a few different animals there to, like a strange little furry creature that was bigger than a rat but smaller than a rabbit. Ros said they were called guinea pigs.

Aren't they so cute looking ? Also there was a cat there. Then Ros decided it was our turn for phot's so we did our best to look good.

So after we had finished having our photos taken ros decided it was time to get photos of all the other doggies that had come. There were lots there, pure and crosses alike.

Aren't they also cute? We had been there for a while and everyone was starting to head home again so Ros decided it was time for us to leave as well but not before we got a family photo.

We had a fantastic time at the blessing of the animals this year and we can't wait for next year's one.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hi Angus & Milo here ! Today was a beautiful day so we went for a lovely walk down to the river for a lovely run. We headed on our walk and as soon as we had arrived at the park Ros let us off. We had a great time exploring as we hadn't been there in a long time so there were so many new smells to check out.

Oh, this smells interesting, Angus. I wonder who it was? After having a quick sniff we went to catch up with Ros.

Once we caught up with Ros we headed off to the river which is right across the road from the park. Arriving at the river we had to sit down before we were allowed to start exploring.

Waiting to be told we can start to explore. The river looked lovely today as we've had a bit of rain lately. The grass was fresh and long at the side of the paths so we had fun running through it.

Doesn't it look beautiful? After we heard we were allowed to start exploring off we went with Ros leading the way. First though we stopped to read the peemail to find out who else had been here lately. There was so much to read that we spent a good five minutes sniffing the post.

After we had finished reading the local news we took after Ros. We headed on our walk down to the river stopping occasionally to explore and smell things.

Then we would run to catch up with Ros.

Then Ros wanted to get some more shots of us modelling and if we say so ourselves we did a very good job.

After the modelling was finished Ros decided it was time to go home as we had been there a long time and we were getting tired and hot. We turned around and headed home. Arriving home we decided to have a swim in one of our ponds that we have out the front. We had so much fun we splashed and ran around in the water for a full ten mintues.

We had a fantastic walk and once we had dried off we were allowed back inside and we fell asleep straight away dreaming of our river adventure.


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