Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey! Milo,here. This Friday we had a visitor. Her name was Bella. Isn't she cute? She arrived early in the morning and we were very excited to meet a new friend.

So once we had all gotten used to each other we all went outside to explore and we were excited to show Bella around our house. First we went out the back to show her our veggie patch.

Come on Bella; this way. After we had explored the veggie patch we went out the front to go swimming. This is my favourite thing to do and as I soon found out Bella liked swimming too. I was so excited that I went nuts and did zoomies around the front yard for ages. Unfortunately my human was not fast enough to get photos so I can't show you my pawesome zoomies. Maybe she will get some snaps next time. After I had recovered the swimming began.

A swimming we shall go.
At first Bella preferred the shallows but slowly she started coming out into the middle with me. Then Ros went to find one of my toys and the fun began.

Getting my ball back so Ros can throw it for me again.

Bella showing off her swimming ability. She is very good.
Then after our swim was over we went up the back to do some exploring.

After we had done some more exploring Ros wanted to take some more relaxed shots of both of us.

These two are Ros's favourites. What do you think ? After this we went in to have a rest then soon it was time for Bella to go home. I hope she had a good time and I have my paws crossed that one day she will come back for another play.


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