Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! Yesterday was a lovely day so we decided to go to Altona Dog beach for a nice swim and play with some new friends. Once we had arrived we where let off our leads and it didn't take us long too make our first friends.  The first friend I made was an adorable black Labrador puppy who was on his first trip to the beach. I was happy to share my experience. Then when i looked up I couldn't believe my Labrador eyes. It was two yellow labs our human found out that the puppies live together. The older lab was called Ivy.
 Then Milo & I decided to make a Labrador rainbow which required all our new friends to make a Labrador train. It was a very skilled manoeuvre requiring all our Labrador intelligence.    
                           Then Milo enjoyed making friends making with the young yellow pup.
 Then I made a great friend in Ivy the labrador. We met when we first arrived she was great fun and a great wrestling buddy.
 Then it was time for Ivy to go home, so I decided to go and track down Milo, it didn't take me long and it seems that he had been busy making friends of his own.
Then we came across another handsome black labrador puppy.  He was a very solid little boy and we bet once he grows up he going to be very handsome, like all labradors.
Then Milo & I decided to go for a lovely cool down paddle, it wasn't long before all our new friends had turned up to join us. We where even able to encourage one of our new puppy friends to take his very first swim.
               Then Jet and a friend had fun chasing our kong wubba and quickly raced in to enjoy the fun.  
 Well we had been there for a few hours and we where very tired buy this stage so it was time to head home. But not before we posed for a photo.
Well with our departure so ended the Labrador invasion. But we can't wait for the next time there is another Labrador invasion.


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