Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hey Milo & Jet here! A few days ago we went for a sleep over at Ros' Dad's house. While we were there we went on two pawesome adventures. On the second day we saw Ros grabbing our leads so we knew we were about to go somewhere new and exciting. After Ros had grabbed everything we headed off on our walk. After walking for a while we heard Ros say we were getting close to our destination. Doesn't it look awesome?              

Look at all that room to run! Oh!! We could not wait to be let off to explore. Thankfully Ros seemed to know this and we were quickly let off to explore this pawesome place. We were both very excited to be in a new place. It looked like a huge paddock. 
 We both had an amazing time exploring this new place. It was huge and we had plenty of room to run around. There were lots of new and interesting smells there to keep our noses busy plus we had it all to ourselves which was even better. After having lots of fun exploring Ros decided it was time to start walking back as we were both looking a bit hot and bothered. Once we arrived back we headed straight for the water bowl and had a huge drink.
 After having a refreshing drink we fell straight to sleep dreaming about our pawesome play. The next day as we just relaxing in the sun we saw Ros grabbing our leads again so we got ready for another adventure. This time we were going to a small park called Cambridge Crescent Park which was only just down the road from where we were staying. Our humans had found it the day before when they went exploring by themselves.
 This is the enter sign to Crescent Park. It was a stunning spot with lovely daisies everywhere through out the grass. We had lots of fun running through them.
Milo and I were having lots of fun exploring our new park when suddenly I thought I heard someone calling my name.
I'm sure I just heard something! Oh, it's Ros! I'M COMING!!  
Look what a good boy I was at coming back straight away.  I got a big treat for being such a good boy! Once Milo smelled that treats were available he came running back too.    
 After we had received out treats for pawesome recalls we were allowed off to explore again as there were still many more smells to check out.
After exploring for a little while longer Ros decided it was time to head back as we were looking quite tired so off we headed back home. We had a great time on our sleep over and hope one day we can go back for more Werribee adventures. Bye Now from Milo and Jet.      

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Hey Milo & Jet here!  On Ssunday morning we woke up to find Ros grabbing our leads and her camera plus a very large supply of treats and we quickly got to see what was going on. She told us we were about to go somewhere very exciting together. After a few more minutes we all jumped into the car and headed off on our adventure.  After a while Ros suddenly told us to look out the window because we had arrived at our destination.
  This is what we saw. Yes we had arrived at the Wyndham Pet Expo. Oh, we were so excited. Well after  our humans had found a park we headed off to explore and to see who else had come to enjoy a day out with their humans. There were people and doggies every where so it didn't take us long to make our first new friend. Hello! Who are you?  My name is Milo. What's yours?
After saying hello to our first friend we continued on and it wasn't long before we ran into a beautiful female fawn great dane who came over to say hello. As you can see we got on very well. 
Jet was very very excited about making new friends. He has his face thing on so he can't pull Ros' arm from its socket.  Both Ros and I were very proud of how good he was at making new friends. It seems our hard work has paid off. Well after saying good-bye to our new big friend we continued on and went to have a look at a few of the stalls that they had there and we soon bumped into a chocolate Labrador. Needless to say Jet and I were very excited. Her name was Daisy and she was only 12 months old. Isn't she beautiful?
We quickly got down to the important business of making friends. Her human was also very nice and gave us lots of cuddles and treats and she kept telling us how handsome we were.
Well as we were saying hello to Daisy we suddenly looked up and we could not believe our noses!!! Yes, it was two more of us!! We had found labrador city!!!!  We were everywhere. Their owners saw our small get together and came over to join us.
   After our meeting and greeting our humans decided to see if they could get us all lined up for a group photo.  After numerous attempts our humans finally got us lined up and looking at the camera. Don't we all look pawesome together?
The Labrador Gang 
After saying goodbye to our new labrador friends we headed off to see who else had arrived and we soon ran into some boxer dogs. They were very nice and we all did a lovely hello together with big wagging tails. 
Well after the boxer doggies we continued on and soon ran into a manchester terrier so we went over to say hello to him. Isn't he cute?
After saying goodbye to him we soon ran into a big Rottweiler boy who was a big softy.  So we went over to make friends.  Hasn't he got a very handsome face? 
The next doggie we ran into made our human very excited as it's one of her favourite breeds. It was a nine month old Bernese Mountain Dog called Layla. Isn't she beautiful? 
     We all had lo's of fun making friends and doesn't Layla look beautiful in her red harness? 
Well after saying goodbye to Layla we ran into a handsome german shorthair pointer who was very nice to say hello to and Ros liked the brown patch on his back.    
The next doggie we ran into was a lovely whippet doggie that had the most beautiful collar on that looked stunning against his brindle coat. 
 Well after saying hello to so many new friends our humans decided that it was time for a rest so we went over to watch the Werribee Obedience Dog Club doing a demonstration. They were very good and did a few different things like Obedience, Agility and Rally-o which is a new dog sport in Australia.  
Aren't all the doggies very clever at doing all their tricks and activities? Ros was happy to see them there as she is thinking about joining them with Jet soon so it gave her a chance to see what they did and ask lots of important questions.  As we were busy watching the demonstrations we still made a few more friends as other people had the same idea as ours and were watching the obedience doggies having fun. The first friend was an english bulldog puppy. He and Jet got on very well and had a fun game of bitey face.
      Jet talking now.  I want to tell you about my favourite fur friend of the pet expo. She was a 12 month old golden retriever and she was beautiful and we became instant fur friends. 
 Isn't she beautiful?  We got on so well that we were quite sad when we had to sad goodbye to each other.  I really hope one day I'll get to see her again. After saying goodbye to my new friend I soon made a new one.  A very cute little Cavilier King Charles Spaniel.               
 After saying goodbye to my new little friend Ros heard that the competitions were starting and she had signed me up for the best coat competition. The other competitions were fastest sit, dog with funniest face and best trick. We quickly walked into the ring. Well we all stood in a line and we waited as the two doggies that were before us were looked over. Then I heard my name being called out by someone  and his voice for some reason was very loud!!  This person then came over and talked to Ros for a minute asking what I was fed on and she told him I was fed a natural diet.  He seemed quite impressed by this and then he came over and gave me a big pat all over that was very exciting and if there had been a waggiest tail competition I probably would have won.  
 Well after the judge person had looked at us all and checked to make sure we all had nice coats he went to have a talk with the announcer person.  After they finished talking they came back over to all us doggies and they started to talk into the thing that makes their voice very loud again. Firstly, they called out third place which went to the cute little Papillon on the end.  Each winner got a bag full of goodies to take home.  After everyone had finished applauding they moved on to second place and the winner of the second place prize was ........... ME. Oh boy!!  I was so proud of myself, as was Ros!! She gave me a huge hug and a big handful of treats.                  
Receiving My Prize 

 Getting a big hug from Ros. First place went to the poodle doggies because their coat needed the most care but as we were leaving the ring a very nice human said if she been the Judge I would have come first as she thought my coat was best.  After all that excitement I need to have a rest so we went back over to where we had been sitting and I quickly lay down for a rest and watched the rest of the competitions. My bulldog friend came first in the Funniest Face Competition. Yay Puppy Power!! Well after having a nap for a little while Ros decided we should get our photo taken together so I quickly climbed into her lap for photo taking. 
Don't we look so good together?  Well after photo taking was finished we took another walk around to make some more friends. The first doggie we ran into was another chocolate us and both Milo & I were very excited to say hello to her. 
 My next new friend was a smooth collie. We did a nice hello to each other and I thought he looked very cool wearing his green bandana.   
 After saying goodbye to him we ran into a five month old golden retriever puppy. We got on very well   as we were both the same age.   
 Well after saying hello to her we suddenly spotted a very large puppy. It was a black great dane puppy so we all went over to say hello.
Well after saying goodbye to this last friend our humans decided it was time to go home as we had been there a long time and both Milo & I were getting very tired by this stage so we headed back towards the car. After they packed up everything we then jumped into the car and quickly passed out.  It had been a very big day. Once we got home, after having a quick toilet break, we went straight inside to our dog beds and we didn't move until late the next day. We had a pawesome time at the pet expo and can't wait to go back again next year to see all our friends again. Bye now from Milo and Jet.  


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