Saturday, September 30, 2017


Hi, Jet here! I had a pawesome day today on a very exciting adventure.   Early this morning I could sense I was about to head off on a fantastic adventure. Once my humans had grabbed everything I jumped into the car ready to go.   After driving for a little while I could smell that we were getting close to our destination.  The Tesselaar Tulip Festival.   We soon arrived and once we headed off this was the sight that greeted us.
                     It wasn't long before Ros & I took off to explore all the beautiful Tulips.
As we were walking around I sniffed out something very interesting in the distance so we walked over to have a look.
      It was a very cute dutch Windmill so we stopped and enjoyed watching it for a little while.  We soon continued on and soon found a pawesome photo opportunity.
               I think I look very handsome highlighted against the tulips. Ros was very proud of my posing prowess.   After posing we continued to check out more tulips and I also got to say hello to a cute dachshund doggie.
 After saying hello to my friend we continued on and decided to go and check out some of the sculptures that were on display.  They were very cool.
 Aren't the sculptures pawesome?  After checking out the sculptures we continued on and decided to take some photos of my handsome self-posing amongst the tulips.
 As we were busy enjoying the Tulips a lovely person came over and offered to take photos of us together.  They came out awesomely.
                        After photos, we decided to continue on to find more beautiful tulips.

After seeing all these beautiful tulips the humans decided it was time to head back to our holiday house as we were all getting quite tired so we headed back towards the car.  Once we had arrived I soon jumped in ready for a rest.

Monday, September 18, 2017


Hi, Jet here! This morning I went for a lovely walk around our local block, it was so nice to get out and explore.
 Once we walked into this fenced area I was let off to explore all the smells which were awesome fun :) My nose got a big workout.
                                              I also had fun playing chase with Ros.
        We had been walking for a little while when Ros decided to take a photo of my Handsome self. Don't I look pawesome?  
 After photo taking was over we continued on with our walk and as we continued on I stopped for the odd sniff.
Then as we were almost home we came across something very interesting in the paddock over the road. A mummy Sheep was feeding her babies it was very cute watching them.  
Soon though we continued on Home and we were soon home so I settled down for a nice rest.  


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