Thursday, August 23, 2018


Hi Jet & Arli here! Today was a beautiful day so we just knew we had to get out on a nice walk.  So just before lunch time we were leashed up and we headed off on our walk.
 It's the view pawesome our dog friends.  Ros and I stopped to admire it for a second which gave Ros a chance to get some photos of Arli walking along.
                            We soon continued on with our walk. There were some great scents along the path.
  We soon came to a sudden halt as Ros had spotted something in one of the trees along the path. It was a type of birdie called a Black Shouldered Kite.
                           After a bit of bird spotting we continued on with our walk and we were starting to notice we were reaching the turn around point.
 We had just turned around when one of the local doggies came running over to his fence and started talking to us.
 After having a quick talk with our new friend we continued on and after walking for a while we decided to take the all important family photo.
                                                    Don't we look so happy together :)  We also had some fun with the camera and took some quite unusual pics.
 After all this photography we walked on and we were nearly home when we spotted a Puddle! We were very happy and, of course, we did what any good labradors would do we jumped in and had a great time splashing around.
 After having such a great splash around we continued on until we reached home and after having a big drink we fell straight to sleep dreaming of our next outing.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Hi! Jet & Arli here! Yesterday morning we sniffed out that Ros was grabbing up our leads so we knew that we were up for something exciting.  We had soon been put in the car and were heading off on an adventure.  It didn't take long before we had reached out destination, Altona Park Lakes.  We couldn't wait to get out and explore.  We soon reached the off lead area and were quickly let off to explore.  It wasn't long until Arli meet a Kelpie doggie but Arli found him a tiny bit scary as he kept trying to herd her.
 After this photo Ros rescued Arli and mister Kelpie ran off to his owner.  I had found a very exciting first doggie friend, a Stumpy Tailed Cattle Dog. We both had quite a similar play style so we got on very well.
                  Suddenly Arli came racing over so as not to miss in on any of the excitement.
 Then after making these first two friends we headed off along the path and had a nice walk. There was some very pawesome smells and pee mail along the track.
After we'd gone for our nice walk it was time to turn around and start heading back the way we had come.  Soon Arli ran into her favourite doggie of our outing.  She was a very pretty looking girl! oh boy could she zoom, even Arli struggled to keep up.
During Arli's big zoomie episode i came over to say hello and to join in a little.
 It wasn't long thought before Arli and her friend were off and racing. This lead to some pawesome action photos.  In one photo they almost look like there about to take flight.
After this last big zoomie episode it was time for us to go home. By this time we were two very tired labradogs.  First thought we got a quick photo of each of us. 
 We had soon arrived at the car where we jumped in and crashed out and we slept all the home and after dinner fell back to sleep until the next morning.


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