Monday, October 17, 2016


Hi Milo & Jet here! Today was a lovely day so we went for a lovely walk down Toynes Road at the Base of the You Yangs.
It wasn't long before we arrived so we jumped out of the car and headed off on our walk.
               As we continued on the view became pawesome :) We love our mountain! Everything looks   nice and green at the moment as we have had a lot of rain this winter.
                                   We had some great fun racing through the grass together.

 Then we came to a spot that had lots of trees so we had good fun sniffing them all and Jet also had fun playing Hide & Seek.  Bonus points if you can spot him. :)
Can you see Jet ? 
    We soon came across a break in the trees so we decided to stop and pose for some photos :)
     Don't we look very handsome? :) After our photo shoot we had reached the end of the end of the road so we turned around and started heading back towards the car.
 We had soon reached the car and we jumped in ready for a rest. We hope the weather starts improving so we get out on some more pawesome walks.  


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