Saturday, December 29, 2018


Hi Jet and Arli here! Yesterday afternoon we heard Skye was coming for a play date. So we were super excited and quickly raced out the front to await her arrival.
     It wasn't long until we saw her arrive so we were most excited and couldn't wait to begin playing.  Once Ros bought out one of toys we began a chase game with Skye leading the pack.
Once the toy had been captured Skye and Arli has a small game of tug while Skye and Jet took part in some doggie Kung Fu. 
               It wasn't long though before Arli and Skye continued their game of tug with some fancy paw work thrown in.
   After all that playing a cool down was in order so we jumped into our clam pool for a nice relax.
 After our cool down swim we spotted that Skye had bought a toy of her own so we decided to have some fun with a new toy.
                                    Then Skye and Arli decided to have a stare down.
                                        But it wasn't long before they were off and zooming.
 After having so much fun playing with the toy we all decided a game of doggie wrestling was in order and so we all got ready to rumble.
After this last chase game it was time for Skye to go home as we were all very tired doggies. We can't wait until we see Skye again for another pawesome playdate.


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