Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Hi Milo & Jet here! Yesterday we went on a pawesome walk to a place we had never been before called Lollipop Creek. It had lots of lovely native plants. We arrived just before lunch time and we couldn't wait to start exploring. Once the humans had grabbed everything from the car we headed off on our walk.
We walked past the lollipop creek and Jet got quite excited when three ducks flew out from the reeds and into the middle.
                          After Jet's moment of duck spotting we continued on with our walk crossing over the road to see what lay ahead.
         After walking for a bit longer we stopped to get our photo taken together and all looked very happy.
  Don't we look pawesome together? After photos we turned around and started heading back towards the car.
We had soon reached the car and once we jumped in we fell straight to sleep dreaming of our walk at lollipop creek.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Hi Jet here! Today has been a very special day!! It was my second birthday. The excitement to celebrate such a special day started very early this morning with Ros grabbing everything for an adventure out and about.  Once we had grabbed everything we headed to the car and drove to our destination because today turned out be such a lovely day. I had my paws crossed that I would be allowed to go for a nice big swim to celebrate my birthday. We had soon arrived at Presidents Park; our favourite place for swimming, so once we grabbed everything we headed off on my special Birthday Walk.  Soon we came across a nice Staffordshire Bull Terrier Doggie out for nice walk with their humans so we stopped for a quick hello.
 Then I got down to the important business of checking the local pee mail to see who else was there.
After all the sniffing we headed off towards the dam for some swimming fun once a suitable stick had been found.  Milo enjoyed saying hello to a nice German Shepherd dog.  
Then as we were busy fetching our stick we spotted another doggie out enjoying a swim so we swam over to say hello to him. He was a very handsome boxer doggie. 
 Then after a great play with our new boxer friend Ros called us over to give me my birthday presents.
We decided to play tug with my new Monkey toy so once he had been unwrapped we got down to a game of chase the toy. 
My Cheeky Face 
 After our pawsome game of tug o war we were placed back onto our leads and we started heading down a new path we had not been down. It was very exciting. There were many interesting new smells to check out and it had lovely scenery along the path.    
 After walking for a while Ros and Jet decided to get some photos taken together. First, a suitable location needed sniffing out.
 I love my Ros :) After my birthday photos we turned around and started heading back to the car as we had been out for a few hours now and we were all very tired.  Once I got home after having a rest for an hour I was suddenly called for to have my Birthday Cake. I(t was a huge bone with a number two candle  placed on it so my humans all started singing me happy birthday and once they were finished I was given my bone and raced outside to enjoy my birthday spoil.
I had a fantastic second birthday and slept very well dreaming of all the adventures I'm about to have in the coming year.


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