Monday, October 19, 2015


Hi Milo & Jet here! Last Wednesday we had a visit from our best fur friend dixie. Not long after she arrived we all decided to go for a walk as it was such a pawesome day.  We decided to go a new way today.  So off we headed on our walk.
We had soon arrived at the park so we decided to stop and have a quick rest.
                                 Soon though Dixie and I began a game of pawesome bitey face.
    After resting for a while we decided to continue on so we all jumped up and headed back home.
We had soon arrived home and we were quite sad as it was time for Dixie to go home so we fell to sleep dreaming of the next time Dixie comes to visit. 

Monday, October 5, 2015


Hi Jet here! Yesterday afternoon Ros & I headed off on a lovely walk together to Presidents Park.
 It wasn't long until we arrived. I was soon let off to explore and I quickly headed off for my favourite spot.
      What with my pleading puppy dog eyes Ros soon brought out my favourite new toy, which quickly led to some pawesome swimming fun.
 After all that swimming fun I decided to sit and have a nice rest :) My location made Ros laugh lots.
 Once I had finished resting I saw Ros had my toy again so I raced over for another game and as I was swimming back to shore. I spotted something truly pawesome.
   Another doggie out for a late afternoon swim. We quickly went over to each other and said hello. It didn't take long before we were both off and racing.  
                           Then something even more exciting happened, we found a STICK!!!!
I must say my new friend had a very interesting swimming style. 
After one last game of tug it was time for us to go home but not before we stopped to take a photo of the sunset.
 Once I got home I had a big drink, then I fell straight sleep, dreaming of my next pawesome adventure.  


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