Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here. Yesterday we came home from a three day holiday with Ros at Anam Cara House in Geelong. We had a pawesome time and we went on lots of walks around Geelong.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and after getting everything set up we headed off on our first walk.
 We had been walking for a while when we smelled that we were getting close to our destination. We started to get quite excited about where we were going. We just had to make it to the top of the hill.
 We had soon arrived at our destination. W were very excited and couldn't wait to get down there and have a look. Doesn't it look like a lovely place?
We stopped for a while to take in the sights and smells of the location. Milo also chose to pose for a photo. 
Don't I look very handsome? After photo taking we headed down the path towards the beach. 
We headed towards the beach and we went for a nice stroll along the water front stopping briefly to have a look out across the bay and in the distance we could see our mountain. It's way off in the distance. There were some cute ducks going for a swim on the water and they seemed very busy looking for their lunch. 
We soon continued on and we decided we wanted to head towards the beach so we led the way. Soon as we were walking towards the beach we made a friend with a lovely border collie doggie. 
Once we had finished saying hello to each other we all continued on towards the beach. There was some very unusual things on the beach. They looked like big jelly plates that someone had left on the beach. 
Then having a stroll along the beach we decided to have a family photo with the famous eastern beach bollards. Don't we look so happy together? 
Once we had finished with our photo taking we continued on walking. We walked over to a nice patch of green grass and posed for some photos. Jet looked very regal in his photos. 
After finishing our photo taking Ros decided to start heading back to Anam Cara House. We headed off but we didn't get far before we ran into some nice doggie friends. The first doggie we met was a German Shepherd x. We had a great time saying hello to each other. 
 The next doggies we ran into were two american bulldogs. They were very friendly and we had a pawesome time saying hello to each other. They were still quite young and they had lots of energy so they got on very well with Jet.
 Well after saying goodbye to all our new friends we continued on but then we heard lots of humans shouting out very excitedly and we were dragged towards the water because the humans had spotted something out in the water.
   It was a dolphin. The dolphin made all the humans very excited. They came running from all ends of the beach.  After watching it for a while and making sure Ros had taken a photo so we could show all our doggie friends we headed back to Anam Cara House for a big rest as we had been out for a while and we were very tired when we got back that we soon fell to sleep. We hope you have enjoyed hearing about the first part of our holiday. There is still much to show you.  Bye From Milo & Jet    

Friday, July 19, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! Today at lunch time we saw Ros grabbing our leads and our super strong tug toy so we jumped up straight away ready to go on an adventure. After a little while we had arrived at the park and we were soon let off to explore.      
  There are many smells to sniff amongst all the grass plants that they put down at the park so we went over to have a sniff to find out who had come recently.
 Well after sniffing every centimetre of the park we continued on towards the river; one of our favourite places.
 Once we had arrived I felt in the mood to do some posing. I think I look very good with the sun shining against my coat and lighting up my handsome face.  
  After my photo we started heading down the path along the river which was looking lovely as being winter time the grass is nice and green and all the native plants are flowering.
 Well after stopping for a sniff we continued on and we had soon reached the end of the river. This time we continued on down the path when suddenly we stopped and turn into a house along the road.  We were very excited as we recognised the smell of the house and we knew it belonged to our best fur friend Zoë the Kelpie x Labrador.  We couldn't wait to go in and say hello. She was very excited to see us to and she loved our rope toy that we had brought with us.
Once we had all done the traditional doggie greetings we had some fun sniffing all the new smells but it wasn't long 'til we took off running after each other. 
We were going so fast that even with Ros' super camera we were little more than blurs.   
 After all that pawesome chasing Zoe decided to take us on a tour of her back yard as there where many interesting things to see.
 Once we had finished with our garden tour Jet and Zoe decided to hold a who was the tallest competition. They stood side bye side and did their best to make themselves the tallest.
Who is the winner do you think? Well after our tallest dog competition we told Ros we wanted to play some tug with our tug toy she had brought with her. 
We were having a great game of tug when Milo came over to join. Then a great game of three way    tug ensued.  Zoe was surprisingly strong for her size in fact she won most of our tug competitions. 
After having a great tugging game I decided to have a little rest while Zoë and Jet decided to have a great game of bitey face.
 After having a lovely game of bitey face Ros decided it was time for us to go home as we had been there for a while and we were getting very tired after all that running around so our humans decided it was time for us to go home.  Milo gave Zoë a big thank you kiss for such a pawesome play date.
We left and we decided to head back the way we had come so we headed back through the river which was fun but we were so tired that even Jet could barley get into a fast pace walk. Jet also had some fun sitting on a pile of gravel that was there. He looked very happy on top of his tiny mountain. 
Once we got home we fell straight to sleep dreaming of our pawesome play date and we can't wait for our next play date with Zoë. 


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