Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As yesterday was such fun I ordered another walk. So at 11.30 we headed off to the oval and this time Angus came as well.

Here we go to the oval.

Here we are arriving at the oval.
And here we are waiting to be allowed to have fun . Must we always do this ?

Must we always wait before we can do the stuff we want?!!!
First we played tug with my orange tug toy. It's really a great toy and very strong and can't be chewed up .

Here I am playing tug with ros.

First ros would throw it for me and I would go chase after it!

First I did a lap of pride because of how clever I was at caching it mid air. Then I brought it back to Ros and we had a great game of tug.

I won 2 to 1. I am just so good at it. Thought ros tried to take away my win by saying that the second time I got a bit carried away and gave her something called rope burn which meant she had to let go . So I tried to explain to her how to hold it in her mouth. Ros said that though she loved me she did not love me that much and would perfer rope burn. Geez, it was just an idea.
Ros throws it a few more times.

About to make a catch! yeah, Milo style!
So after tug we played fetch.

First I made sure my concentration was total as I didn't want the ball to escape.

I'm watching you,mister.

Here I go.

I got it, of course. Just look at how happy I am.

Here I come and like any proper labrador I did a perfect retrieve. My ancestors would have been proud.

So ros threw the ball for me a few more times.

I got it! Such skill!!!

I got it.
Then Angus and I had some fun playing ball.

My turn,Milo. Give me the ball.

After we played for a few more minutes we were gettting very thirsty and we wanted a drink.

Ah, so refreshing.

The water was very cool.

Then Ros wanted to take some pictures of us together so we did it for her and I think we look good. Don't you?

Don't we look so handsome?

Then she wanted some separate photos of us .

Is this my best side?

Aren't I just so handsome?

Then we started to go home because we had been there for a long time and we were tired.

We got home and about 30 minutes later we watched ros go to fridge and pull out CHICKEN DRUMSTICK!!! We got up so quickly and went to the door and then outside for our chicken drumsticks.

First we must wait until ros says ok before we are allowed to have our bones .

See, look how good I am.

And just look at how good I am.

Here's my first one.

And this is my first one.
We ended gettting five each !!! So yum.

Yum Yum Yum Yum

Ah, delicious.

And ros though this was a funny photo because she thinks it looks like I'm smiling.

What do you think?

Licking off the excesses.

So, I had a fantastic 6th birthday.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Guess what today is ? My 6th birthday and to celebrate my human Ros made me my very own party hat and she even put a six on it!

Does this colour go with my coat? She said I looked very handsome as always.

Ok. Can you take this off me now? I mean , I have my pride! Please get it off now. NOW!!!!

To celebrate my sixth birthday I went on a walk with Ros all by myself which I loved as we got to spend some nice alone time together. My choice of destination so we went to the weir.

First, we went around the small block.

Here we are on our way around the small block. Don't I look handsome?
Here I am on the way to the weir.

Come on. Let's keep going. After a little while we arrived at the weir .

Isn't it just the most beautiful spot? Just look at that lovely old gum tree. It's like a hundred years old .
So first I did lots of sniffing .

This smells good. Is it rabbit?

Oh, what's that ? Then I did some swiming. Isn't it such a nice spot to swim and hasn't it got such clear water?

Ros could even see some tiny fish in the water.

As its my birthday I got to do my favorite thing - swimming.

So Ros found a stick and she threw it for me but the first time I was not really paying attention and I did not see where it landed and though I went in I still didn't see it so Ros had to get a new stick for me.

This time I made sure I was paying attention when she threw it for me.

Off I went to get my stick. Can you see it?

Here I'm coming back with my stick.

And here I'm exploring at the weir.

Any rabbits in here?
Then we found some rabbit scratches that were really fun to play in and sniff around.

And I also found some rabbit hair which I thought was delicious and because it's my birthday I did not get in to any trouble eating it. Birthdays have benefits like being able to keep my lovely wet smell.

After some more exploring we started to head home.
To be continued ......

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Today we went to the oval and we had a great time as it was a lovely day. We got there at about 12:20 whatever that means.
As soon as we got there and as soon as we were let off that is, we ran and ran. We had so much fun.

Freedom yippee
Then the playing began in puppy style . Of coures we made sure our human had bought our favourite toys with us and she also brought a thing called a racquet that helps the ball fly further.

First we played ball which was great fun.

Here we go.
My human throws the ball for us heaps of times on demand of course.For me she throws long distance as that's what I like better becasuse I can pretend to be chasing a rabbit. For Angus , my human throws the ball just a few feet as he does not like to chase much. He pounces more like a cat, shudder the thought, and he also likes to smack the ball with his feet.

I'm going to get it!!

Here we are playing ball don't I just have a great puppy play bow. Come on get it ,get it.

Hey he got it.

Next we played tug with our tug toy.

Come and get it.

What do you mean I'm not sharing you always said I've been great at it?

So we played tug for a little while longer

And I was the overall winner.

Then Angus decided he was getting tired and lay down for a rest .

I am so sleepy.That sun is nice.

Just as I was about asleep Milo appeared and woke me up to wanting to play some more .

Did your parents not teach you about respecting your elder?
Thankfully ros came and distracted him for me so I could go back to the important business of sunbathing .

I'm going to win. After we played for awhile we were getting vey thirsty so ros got us a drink of water.

Ah, lovely water . So refreshing .

Then we got some cuddles from Ros

Ah kisses for me.
And she also brought some liver treats with her.

Can I have one please pretty please ?

Then Angus did some modelling for ros

Is this my best side ?

We had a great time today .

And this is what we did as soon as we got home.



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