Monday, January 14, 2019


Hi Jet and Arli here! Yesterday was a super day as we saw Ros packing for a beach trip :) We always get so excited for beach outings.  Once the car was packed we headed off towards one of our favourite spots.  It wasn't too long until we had arrived and we couldn't believe our eyes at all the cars we could spot out the window.
 Once we had unpacked we headed over to the beach and it wasn't long until we had made it to the entrance.
  Once we hit the sand we were both off and racing .We were going so fast we both became air born.
After having a small zoomie episode we decided a game of bitey face was needed so proceeded to pounce on each other. 
Soon though we were off and racing.   
 Jet was enjoying a nice splash in the water when we both spotted something truly amazing coming towards us down the beach! Could It Be?! Is it she?!  It was our best doggie friend Skye and she had bought Wilma as well. We were so excited we charged over to say hello.  Then Chaos reigned!!
 Once we had calmed down a tiny bit we decided to go for a nice cool down paddle in the sea but it wasn't long until chaos returned.
                It started with Skye bringing out a toy which soon caused a massive chase game.
 As Arli and Skye were racing around I bought over a few new friends to join in and we soon began our own little group.
 While Arli was racing around after our new gang I found myself playing with a french bulldog I had sniffed out.
              Once I had finish playing with my new smaller friend I raced back to our group.
 After this last pawriffic play it was time for us to go home as we were very tired doggies so we said goodbye to our new friends and Skye and then headed back towards the car.   We made sure to get a family photo to remember such a pawesome day.
Family Photo Beach Adventure 😀


  1. What a fabulous day out. So many doggy friends...BONUS!

  2. Wow, you guys had a super day. We have 6 inches of snow and it's still coming down. Beach fun looks very nice.

  3. These are some really great action shots of all your time running around at the beach. It looked like a beautiful day. Thanks for sharing the sweet photos. Have a wonderful day.
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