Friday, August 31, 2012


Hey Milo Here! My first day of my holiday was pawesome but the second day was just as fun. Early in the morning I saw Ros grabbing my lead and so I jumped up ready for my walk.  This time the lovely people that run the house offered to come with us on our walk so we would not get lost.  Off we all headed on our walk with me leading the way.  
After walking for a little while I came across a most interesting smell so i just had to stop and check it out.  
After walking a while longer we were getting within sniffing distance of our destination. I started to get most excited about where Ros was taking me. Almost there, just have to cross the road!! Once across the road  Ros decided to take a photo of my handsome self but first a suitable location needed to be sniffed out.    
I think i look very handsome if I do say so myself.  After photos we kept going when Ros finally pointed to a sign and announced we had arrived at our destination. 
Yes!! Ros had taken me to the beach!! Oh, the excitement! Oh, the fun!!  This was my first time going to a beach with Ros so I couldn't wait to start exploring. The beach we went to is called Eastern Beach and it's right in the middle of Geelong but it still lets doggies explore as long as we're on lead.
Isn't it a pawesome looking beach, dog friends??  We quickly got down to the important business of exploring and the first fun thing I did was had a splash around in the water.
After having fun running through the water I came across this strange smelling plant that I had never sniffed before. Apparently it's called seaweed.    
 Oh, this smells interesting. After checking out the seaweed Ros decided some posing was in order so I quickly sniffed out a suitable location.
 Didn't I do a pawesome job of posing in the sand? After that, we posed with some very strange statues that were near the beach. 
After posing with the strange beach people the humans decided to go for lunch and we didn't need to leave as there was a cafe right next to the beach.  After the humans had had their lunch I told Ros I wanted to go back down to the beach again so we did but not before I had a sniff of the local pee mail.     
After I had read the local news we continued on and we only had gone a little way when suddenly I was seeing double. Another me!! My look alines name was Charlie and just like me he was a chocolate labrador so we, of course, became instant fur friends. 
 Eventually though Charlie continued on his way and I was quite sad to see my new friend go so I tried to follow him only to be stopped by my lead which was most disappointing as it's very rare for us to meet other chocolates while out on walks. We continued on but had a quick stop to have a look out over the bay.  The sea breeze was very nice.
   Once we got back to the beach I made some new friends of the human variety. They were very nice and they gave me a lovely back scratch that I enjoyed.
 Well after saying goodbye to my new human friends we continued on down the beach when suddenly we spotted an Australian Kelpie running down the beach off lead!!!  Ros suddenly let me off mine so I went over to make friends.  Even though we were meant to be on lead sometimes one just has to break the rules and we were the only two doggies there and no one else was around.
As you can see we had a great time making friends during our sneaky off lead time. After that Ros called me back and I was leashed up again. We decided to head back as I was getting quite tired by this stage. So off we went but it wasn't long before we ran into another doggie. It was a very cute chocolate labradoodle that came over to say hello to us.
Isn't he a cute little fellow?  We did a lovely hello to each other before our humans said it was time to keep going. After that Ros spotted an interesting place to pose for us so we headed over to cheek it out. I went first, then Ros came over to join me. 
Don't we look good together? After the photo taking we continued on and came across one truly cute little doggie. He was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Poodle and his human is the driver to the small train tours that people take for rides around Geelong. He gets lots of free rides. Ros loved his cute little face.
Cute hey! Hello!! My name is Milo! What's yours?
 After a while we kept going but we had not even taken two steps when Ros & I spotted something amazing.  It was yes another me!! We just could not believe it; two chocolate labradors in one day. I think I've finally found out where my long lost relatives have been hiding.  Once the other owner saw us they started heading over towards us. We were somewhat hard to miss considering Ros was waving to them!! Sometimes, it's embarrassing to take her out in public. Anyway Ros' method worked and i made another new fur freind.  His name was Harvey and he was just as excited to meet me as I was to meet him.  We started playing together even though we were still on our leads. One thing Ros learned quickly about Harvey was he was scared of getting his photo taken especially if you're trying to get one of his handsome face.
As you can see we got on extremely well and if only we had been at a place safe enough to be let off our leads we would've had a pawesome play together. After that Ros tried to get one photo of his handsome face but Harvey wasn't very sure about this idea but Ros still managed a few nice ones.  
As apology for taking face photos Ros gave Harvey half of one my dog biscuits to try and like a true lab food  out weighed the trauma of photo taking.  Harvey's human was also very nice and knew just what labradors like best so he gave me a lovely back rub and head massage.

 As you can see I truly enjoyed my back rub and head massage. After this Harvey and Human had to go back home which made me quite sad as i'll probably never see him again but I'm going to keep my paws crossed that one day I run into him or Charlie again and we can all have a big play together. After Harvey left Ros too decided that we had enough excitement for one day so we headed back to Anam Cara House for a well deserved rest. I was so tired when I got back I didn't even have the energy to climb onto my dog bed and I simply fell unconscious on the floor and didn't move for hours. I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the second part of my holiday but there is still a bit for me to tell you of my Geelong holiday. Bye now from Milo.    


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