Monday, March 26, 2018


Hi Jet, Milo & Arli here! Welcome back to part two of my birthday celebrations. I pick back up from where I'd left off. We had just been placed back into the car and we were starting to head through the streets until finally we pulled up and we all jumped out.
 We didn't have far to go at all. As soon as we turned the corner we saw our destination quickly approaching.  We had soon reached our destination. It was a pawesome place called Doghouse. A cafe just for us doggies.  So we walked in and all our eyes widened in doggie delight when we saw all the goodies they had just for us.
                     It was run by a very nice man that gave us lots of pats and cuddles on arrival.  Then after all our cuddles, he took us to a pawesome little courtyard area just for us and we were allowed off to explore.
I was very happy to see that there was a happy birthday banner hanging up. It made me feel very special.  Then the nice man came back and gave Ros the Menu and I couldn't wait to see what was on it.
Isn't this the most pawesome menu you have ever seen in your life dog friends and the best part is it's all for us.  After much planning out of our choices, we have finally come to a decision on what we would choose.  So we all decided to have the Doghouse Super Mix a Dogachino each and carobob and yoghurt bone for Desert.  We soon called the waiter and placed our orders and it wasn't long until our first spoil was arriving.
Here they come 😀
                          Don't they look so delicious? 😋We were well and truly licking our lips😋
Like good well-mannered doggies, we sat and waited while Ros put our bowls down. oh, but it was torture just torture.
Still Waiting!  
As you can see it didn't take Arli & I long before we had finished ours off and, oh boy, they were so yummy that we spent a few minutes licking the bowls just in case we had missed a crumb.  Milo too really enjoyed his spoil but unlike us, he takes his time and savours the taste.
Well while we waited for our next course we all posed for photos in our party hats. 
After posing in our party hats we suddenly sniffed out that our Dogachinos were coming so we couldn't wait to try them out.
Aren't they pawesome looking dog friends?  We couldn't wait to try them out as they looked so yummy. We couldn't wait to start chowing down.        
It wasn't long before we were given the ok to start enjoying our Dogachinos.  
  It didn't take long for Arli & I to finish off our Dogachinos. Milo, however, decided to savour each and every lick.
 After our Dogachinos we had once last spoil awaiting us in the form of a Dog Bone covered in Sprinkles.
                       It didn't take us long to devour these at all and they were very yummy.
After having all these pawesome treats it was finally time to head home as after all that exercise and pawesome food we were three very tired labradogs.  So after having one last sniff, we headed back to the car and collapsed.   There was still one more surprise waiting for me on my return home. 
Look at all these fantastic new Toys and Treats that Ros had bought me for my birthday.  Once we had a quick look through everything we all went straight to sleep dreaming of my pawesome birthday outing.  


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