Tuesday, December 25, 2012


HI Milo & Jet here!  Last night we watched as Ros put two Christmas Bags above our dog beds ready for Santa paws. After that we fell to sleep with our paws crossed that he would come. Well this morning we woke up and could immediately tell that santa paws had come. We were very happy and excited. The first thing we did was check our bags to see what santa paws had brought us.
It turned out he had bought us two raw chicken carcasses. We were very happy and couldn't wait to get our jaws around them.    
 Don't they look delicious dog friends?  After Ros had unwrapped them she handed us each one and we quickly went to find the perfect spot to enjoy our spoil.
 We munched on our bones for half an hour and were quite sad once they were finished.  Well once again we would like to thank Santa paws for giving us both such a yummy christmas treat. We hope all our blog friends enjoyed what they got from santa paws and had a very Merry Christmas as well. Bye from Milo & Jet.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hi! Jet here! Today I've turned exactly nine months old so to celebrate Ros took Milo & I outside to get some photos of my handsome self.
 Aren't I growing into such a handsome big boy?  I think I'm very lucky to have come to such a pawesome home and I've gone on so many pawesome adventures with Ros. Ros is my special person and I love doing things together with her. Here are photos of me when I was still little and had just arrived at my new forever home. Wasn't I just so cute?
Well I hope all my siblings are enjoying their families and going on as many pawesome adventures as I've gone on and I wish them a happy nine months. Bye from Jet & Milo  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hi!! Jet here! The other day I went for a sleep over at Ros' Dad's house on the day.  We arrived and after settling in and unloading all our things we headed off to Presidents Park for a run and play. We  soon arrived at the park and after grabbing all the things out of the car we headed off on our adventure. First though I had to stop to do some sniffing of the local vegetation.
      Oh, this smells interesting! After learning all about the local news we headed off on our adventure with me leading the way.
We didn't get very far at all before I made my first fur friend; a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and his friend a  Shepherd mix.
After saying goodbye to my new friends I continued on and I was soon let off to explore and it wasn't long before I ran into two very familiar fur friends. Two female yellow labradors at six years and twelve months old. 
 They were very beautiful as you can see and great at posing for the camera. After saying hello to each  other we soon got down to the important business of playing.   
 As I was busy playing with my new labrador friends we all spotted another doggie coming towards us.  It was a lovely husky doggie. We all went over to introduce ourselves.
After all the rough and tumble all of us decided it was time to go home so our humans all called us over and put us back onto our leads.
 After arriving back I soon fell straight to sleep and had plans to sleep through to tomorrow but a few hours later I was woken up as Ros said we were going on another adventure together. I couldn't think of any where we could be going as it now quite dark outside.  A while later the car stopped and Ros came to get me and we headed towards a strange looking house as it seemed to be glowing. 
My humans were very excited to see this house as they had seen a few others as they had been driving around but they said this was the best one they had seen. After we had a little look around Ros and I posed in front of this shiny house. I even got into the spirit making my eyes light up!! Aren't I clever? 
After seeing this shiny house we got back in the car and went back for our sleep over. We were both so tired that we fell to sleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.  We had a great time seeing the Christmas houses.


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