Friday, March 29, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! On Wednesday we took a trip to the Brighton Dog Beach in St Kilda. We had been going to the St Kilda Beach but Ros was sure she could find a better beach for us to play on and she did. This beach has fencing running along the road so we can't go and say hello to cars so it's very safe.  Plus even with the fencing it feels very open and there is lots of running space for us doggies so we're not all in together which is important as when your having such fun you don't want to go crashing into your human. Strangely, they don't react well to that. Once we had arrived we could see doggies everywhere so we were very excited to go and make friends with them all. The first thing we did though was have a walk in the water to make sure it was suitable for swimming which we deemed that it was. After that, Milo made the first friend of the day in a lovely looking Tibetan Mastiff.
 After making our first friend I took off to go do my favourite thing; racing through the waves and making the biggest splashes that I can.
Well after having lots of fun splashing through the waves we ran into a familiar furry face. It was another black labrador. We were, of course, very excited to meet another one of us so we quickly went over to say hello. 
 Then as we were enjoying playing with our black labrador friend we spotted another labrador friend. This time it was a lovely yellow boy so we went over to introduce ourselves. We were very excited as with our new yellow friend all the three labrador colours were present.
          It must have been labrador day at the beach as soon there were labradors everywhere. Milo and I had a fantastic time chasing after so many familiar faces.    
 While we were busy playing with our younger labrador friends suddenly two very special labradors arrived. They were two older lab friends at 12 & 13 years old but they still were both very young at heart and we enjoyed making friends with them even though Jet was closely watched so he wasn't too bouncy with our new older friends especially because our oldest friend had quite bad arthritis so Jet had to be very gentle with them. I however, being older myself, understood the need for gentle play myself. I have my paws crossed that I can make it to such a pawesome age. They also looked very nice in their bandannas.
Well after having such an amazing time with all our labradors friends we said goodbye to them for a little while. We soon made a new friend in a stunning looking Hungarian Vizsla who loved our Kong Wubba. Our humans find it very funny that each time we bring our Kong Wubba to the beach there is at least one dog on the beach that adores it and they do their best to steal it. When our humans throw it for us, we're having so much fun exploring it isn't until we see another dog with our toy that a  great game of chase ensues.

Well after lots of playing Milo and I decided to have a nice gentle stroll through the water and Ros took a lovely photo of us brothers together. 
After our gentle walk in the water we decided to have a play with a Kong Wubba so we went over to Ros and told her we wanted to start playing. 
After playing with our toy Jet spotted another black labrador. He was only seven months old so he and Jet got on very well. The youngsters had lots of energy and while Jet was busy doing that i was making friends with an Airedale Terrier .      
After talking with the airedale doggie our humans decided it was time to start heading home. We had been there for three hours and we were getting very tired so we started heading towards the exit but before we reached it we ran into an adorable Beagle doggie who was trying to go for his first swim. He was a bit nervous about taking the plunge so Milo & I went to give him some labrador support. 
 After all, there is no better doggie to help with teaching dogs to swim then us and we succeeded in getting him in the water. Unfortunately, Ros missed taking photos of his first swim but his owner was very thankful for our help. After that, we left, but not before stopping for a huge drink at the drink station. We slept all the way home and we can't wait to come again.  We give the Brighton dog beach 4 out of 4 paws for awesomeness. Bye from Milo & Jet.        


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