Saturday, November 26, 2016


Hi Milo & Jet here! We awoke early on the second day of our doggie holiday very excited about what today's adventures would bring. We soon decided to explore one of the bush tracks that connected with the property.   There were some pawesome new smells to be sniffed out.    
As we were walking along the track Ros decided to try and take some photos from our point of view. If we say so ourselves, they turned out very well. 
 Then after exploring for a little while Jet and I decided to do some posing for the camera and if we saw so ourselves we look very handsome.
Once we had finished posing for the camera we continued on as there were many more smells to sniff out :) 
After our early morning adventure we headed back to our cottage for a small rest and so our humans could eat lunch.  We enjoyed watching the lovely bird life come in to eat from our bird feeder.
                      After lunch Milo decided to have nice rest in the sun so Ros & I headed down to the dam for a nice swim.
               All this swimming excitement soon bought on a massive zoomie episode.  I was racing so fast I was nearly flying.
                 After such a pawesome zoomie episode I decided more swimming was in order.  First though I made sure to locate a stick to play with :)

After another pawesome zoomie episode Ros and I headed back to our cottage ready for a big rest. We look forward to telling you about all the excitement of our last day; so stay tuned.


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