Sunday, July 22, 2012


Hey Milo & Jet Here ! Last Tuesday was a beautiful day so around lunch time we saw Ros grabbing our leads so we knew we were about to go somewhere very exciting. Once Ros had grabbed everything needed; like treats and a toy we headed off on our walk. Arriving at the oval.
After we had arrived at the oval we got straight down to business. Ros had brought my new basketball toy with us to test out so we told her that's what we wanted to play with.
 As you can see we had a pawesome time playing with my new basketball toy and we both give it four out four paws for its fun rating. It's great as you play with your favourite doggie friend as it has two places to hold onto so you could play tug together or whatever you enjoy doing with your fur friends. After playing for a tiny bit longer it was time to go home. Once we had arrived home after having a big drink we fell straight to sleep dreaming of our fun day out at the oval.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 Hey Milo here! Last Thursday was my 9th birthday and my human Ros worked very hard to make it a very special day. Well Thursday morning the excitment started when I watched Ros going over to the thing humans call a fridge and pull out something that she told me was just for me. So I came over to check it out.
This is what I saw.  My human had made me my very own birthday cake. Oh, I was very very excited and it smelled absolutely pawesome. Ros used the same recipe as she used when she made me those home made doggie biscuits which I loved. She used peanut butter as icing and there was a dog treat in each corner.  Well after admiring my cake Ros called me over as she had something else to give me.       
Yes she made me my very own party hat and i must say I look very handsome wearing it. Don't you think dog friends? Well after posing with my party hat I then did posing without and if anything I think I look even more handsome.
 Then Jet appeared after waking up after a short nap so Ros said we had to pose together which I think we did very well and can you believe we got no treats for this hard work?!! I mean, what is wrong with my humans?
Well after all that posing Ros told us it was finally time for birthday cake so we quickly went over to the table where my cake was. Firstly though my human lit the candle and then all my humans joined in singing me happy birthday.     
Here I am posing with my birthday cake after my humans had finished singing me "Happy Birthday". We got down to my favourite part of eating the cake.  Ros went into the kitchen and got out a knife to cut my cake up with and I of course got the biggest slice.
 That's mine on the pink plate. We could not wait to try it but Ros said first I had to pose with my slice 
which I thought was quite unfair as I was ready to eat my cake. Although I was pleased that Jet was made to wait too so I didn't suffer alone. 
 Finally though Ros said ok we could have our cake and we were both very happy and we dived on our cake in case Ros decided to change her mind. In fact, I ate my piece so fast that Ros could not get a photo which led to us both getting a second piece. 

 As you can see we both loved my birthday cake and would have loved a third piece but Ros told us she was saving it for tomorrow. We were most disappointed. Well after all that excitement I thought that would be the end of all the surprises but I was quite wrong!!  Turns out Ros had also bought me two birthday presents. Oh boy! They are a basket ball with rope attached at each end so it will be much easier for me to pick up and Ros hopes the rope will also stop me from popping the ball. My next present was Kong Wubba. This one is made to be used in water so it's a perfect toy for me. It also says it's good in snow not that I think we will get to test that.
 I love my new toys and I've already tested the basket ball down at the oval. It was awesome fun but I haven't tried my new Kong Wubba as it's winter and the water is freezing so i'll have to wait a little while longer before I can test it out. I'm sure it will be pawesome fun. Well after all that excitement Jet and I decided to have a nap.    
 After having a rest for a few hours we woke up and were ready to have a play so Ros took us outside for a pawesome run around playing tug.
After all that playing we went back inside for a well deserved rest.  As you can see I had the most awesome birthday ever. Also, the other day, my human found some puppy photos of me so I want to show you how cute I was when I was little.

Aren't I just so adorable?  I've grown a lot since then if do say so my self but still just as cute. Bye from a very happy Milo.


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