Thursday, April 26, 2018


Hi Milo, Jet & Arli here!  On Monday afternoon we decide that the weather was just warm enough for a Beach Adventure. This was hugely exciting as we worked out that this would be Arli's first time at our favourite beach.  We arrived and soon set off to explore, Arli and I decide to have a race.
While we were having a race, our human Ros spotted something very interesting amongst the sand, a tiny crab!
 Ros said there were hundreds on them racing around the beach which she though was very cool. We however were to busy exploring to notice them.
 Then Arli came across our first dog friend on our beach visit. It was a very active mixed breed doggie so we had a great time racing across the sand.
Suddenly Jet came racing into join the fun. 
After having such a great time racing around with our new friend his owner called him away and they continued down the beach.  It wasn't long though until we meet three new doggie friends, two beautiful Aussie Shepherds and one German Shorthaired Pointer.
After a great play with these new friends, we ran into our favourite dog of the day. He was a very excitable Bull Mastiff mix.  We quickly got down to a pawesome game of wrestling,  even Milo got into the play spirit.
          After such pawesome playing we decide to go for a nice stroll along the beach together.
              But it wasn't long before Arli & I continued playing with our pawesome new friend.
 After such a great play the humans decided it was time to start heading home as we were getting quite tired, we headed back towards the car.  First though Arli & I had a great game of Zoomies and Bitey Face together.
After all this activity and excitement it's time to go home we were three very tired labradoggies.  We stopped for one last look at the beach.
On the drive home we all passed out dreaming of our pawesome beach afternoon. We can't wait for our next big adventure.


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