Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! On saturday we went for a lovely run at Riverbend Historical Park. We arrived at lunch time and after grabbing everything out of the car we headed of on our walk through  Riverbend.  Starting off on our walk doesn't look like a lovely place ?  
As a we hadn't been here in long time it didn't take us long to begin investigating.  There were many new smells to sniff out. With Jet stoping briefly to pose for the camera. 
 While we where busy exploring Ros was busy exploring the local scenery and birdlife. There was a very nice little waterfall that we found that had some lovely green moss growing over it. On one of the fallen branches Ros spotted a white faced heron.
After all that exploring we decided we wanted to play the chase game, Whilst we were distracted Ros took of on her wheelchair and then once we noticed she was leaving us behind we run after her as fast as we could. Which made Jet pull some very funny faces.   
 After playing such a pawesome chase game we noticed out of the corner of our eye another doggie had arrived his name was Archie and was a lovely English Pointer. We quickly went over to introduce ourselves. Archie and Jet got on very well as they still have the puppy energy so before I knew it they where of and racing. Hi Jet talking! Archie was so much fun to play chasey with as he was so fast and he didn't mind a bit of Rough & Tumble.
Aren't the action shots pawesome ?  While we where having so much fun Milo came running over to us  to join in and soon all three of us where running around after each other which made it even more exciting.    
Soon though Archie found another gear and soon even I was struggling to keep up with him. 
 Eventually though I did mange to catch up to him and I was so happy I did a little jump for joy.
 Can you see that my back paws are off the ground ? Well after all that chasing we calmed down enough to have a sniff around together.
After having a lovely sniff around together Archie's owner decided it was time for them to continue on with there walk. Ros quickly took one last photo of Archie's handsome self. 
 Ros too decided it was time for us to go home as we were very tired. We were so puffed by this time that our tongues were almost touching the ground, but as soon as we jumped into the car we fell to sleep.  We had a fantastic time playing with Archie and we have our paws crossed that one day soon we get see him again. Bye From Milo & Jet 


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