Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hi. Jet here! Yesterday afternoon was a very exciting day as my best fur friend Brax came over for a play date. We hadn't seen each other for a while so we had lots of playing to catch up on. We quickly went into our doggie pen for the games to begin.  We started off with a pawesome game of bitey face.
After our pawesome game of bitey face we decided to grab one of the toys Ros had brought out for us to play with and after a game of chase a great game of tug ensued.
       Then after lots of tugging we both decided to go for a cool down splash in our doggie pool.
Then we began another game of tug but this time with our Elephant rope toy. Brax really loved this toy.
Then after having a great time playing tug we decided to partake in some doggie wrestling which we both found very exciting. 
 Then we began another game of tug with my pink rope toy and as I was starting to get quite tired by this stage it led to a game of lay down tug.
 Then Brax went to have a quick sniff around by himself and I took the opportunity to have a quick rest.  It wasn't long though before Brax returned and he seem baffled by my condition.
 Suddenly though, I came back to life with a sneaky sideways head move and it didn't take long before we were pawtaking in another great game of bite face.
 After all this excitement it was time for Brax to go home as we had been playing nonstop for hours and we were both very tired doggies by this stage. So after saying goodbye I went straight inside and passed out in seconds.  I can't wait for my next play date with Brax.
                                                             Goodnight Everybody


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