Monday, January 22, 2018


Hi Milo, Jet and Arli here! Yesterday afternoon we saw Ros grabbing our leads for an outing so we were of course very excited.  We jumped up and raced over towards the car ready to jump in.  Once the car had been packed we jumped in and headed off on our adventure.  It wasn't long before we arrived at Brighton Dog Beach.  Once we had all jumped out of the car Ros decided to tell us that this is going to be a special visit as we were meeting up with the Labrador Breed Club.   This made Milo & I extremely excited as we can still remember how awesome last years labrador beach day was.  For Arli though it was going to be a whole new experience.   Once we had reached the beach Arli and I were let off to run and explore and boy did we run.    
 It didn't take too long before we ran into all the other labradors that had come. Our eyes all boggled at the sight.
We couldn't believe our labrador eyes. We were everywhere! It was so truly pawesome. We quickly raced over to meet and greet with every doggie.
 After Arli & I had such great fun meeting everyone we went to check on how Milo was going and found him enjoying a nice splash in the water.
     After catching back up with Milo, Jet and I took off again in search of more doggie friends.
 It was then decided we wanted to go and have some fun splashing around in the water as we had spotted Milo in the distance catching up with chocolate fur friends.
 It didn't take long before lots of labrador doggies decided to join in the fun. 

 It was during all this racing around that Arli made her best fur friend of the entire day in a very handsome black lab boy.  They had a great time playing chase together.
 While Arli was busy making a new freind I had joined a small group of labradors on a mission of trying to catch a ball that two humans were throwing between them.
 Despite our best efforts the ball always remained just a whisker beyond our reach. Suddenly we all heard our humans calling our names so we all headed over to see what they wanted.  It turned out it was time to start heading home and all humans had decided on a group photo to remember such an awesome day. We all did our very best to line up for photos.
Look at all us labradors! It was such a fantastic day and we all went home very tired labradudes and labragirls.  We can't wait for our next labrador day and we have our paws crossed we won't have to wait too long.  Once we had made it back to the car we all collapsed and we slept very soundly that night, dreaming of our day of heaven.  


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