Sunday, June 26, 2011


Angus, here!! Today I went for a lovely walk down to the river. It was such a nice day we just had to take full advantage. We headed to the river with me leading the way. On the way to the river we stopped at the park. At the park I was let off so I could start my exploring. First though I did some posing on the bridge for Ros.

Posing on the bridge for Ros before the exploring began. Off I went to explore the park.

Checking the peemail. We continued on to the river with Ros leading the way. In a little while we made it to the river and the exploring began. Arriving at the river I waited to be told I could start exploring.

Can I start exploring yet ? Once I heard the magic word off I went to start exploring.

Oh, this smells interesting. I had not been to the river for a while so there were just so many new things to smell my nose really had a good work out.

After all the sniffing we went for our walk down the path at the river. I felt great to be able to stretch my legs after so many days stuck inside.

So after more exploring Ros decided it was time to go home. I had a lovely day out today and I have my paws crossed that we enjoy more outings soon.


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