Wednesday, November 28, 2012


HI!! Milo & Jet here! Today has been very hot reaching 38 Celsius so last night to get ready for today Ros made us our own icy poles. Last night we watched as Ros went into the kitchen and got out two cups and then filled them with water and then she added some gravy powder and stirred it together. Once Ros had done that she placed it into the freezer for today. Well today at lunch time we saw Ros go to the freezer and bring out our very own icy poles.

After Ros had managed to get them out of their cups we sat down on our beds and started to enjoy our spoil.
 Well we really enjoyed our spoil even though we did suffer a slight case of nose freeze!! We enjoyed our really pawesome spoil as it was just what we needed on such a hot day. Apart from our spoil we spent most of the day asleep inside under the air conditioner during the hottest part of the day.  Goodbye from Milo & Jet.                   

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hi, Milo & Jet here! On Tuesday the weather was beautiful so we decided to go for a lovely long walk to enjoy the sunshine. After Ros had grabbed everything we headed off on our walk. Ros decided to take us a new way to what she normally does so that was lots of fun as there where many new smells to sniff.    
We had only just started our walk when we spotted something big coming down the road towards us. It was a very big dog. It seems we weren't the only ones who had decided to take their humans out for a walk in this lovely weather.
Well after the biggest dog ever sighting we continued on walking for quite a while before Ros stopped to take more  photos.This is the way we were going.
Once we got to the corner we were told to sit down which we do very well and Ros took the opportunity to take some photos of us both.   
I think we both look very handsome if i do say so on our behalf. After photo taking we continued on walking for a little while when we came upon the most interesting smell. Our nose went into overdrive and we spent a good five minutes deciphering the smell. 
 After we had deciphered the smell Ros told us we were getting close to our destination.  We were getting quite excited!!  Soon we turned into a house and Ros left us to go and knock on the door. What was she up to? A few seconds later Ros returned and suddenly we heard a doggie barking and Ros walked us towards the noise. What could this mean? Suddenly we saw our doggie friend called Zoe. Isn't she very beautiful?  
Zoe is a Kelpie x Labrador that I had a play date with a long time ago but Jet had not met her yet.  Well after we had all gotten used to each other the games began.
 While Jet and Zoe were busy playing bitey face I was having a rest to regain my energy after our long walk.   As it was quite a hot day and I'm older than I once was I get tired more easily these days especially on these hot days.
This is the life 
 As I was having my recovery sleep I was suddenly bombarded by youngsters. Zoe was very excited to play with me and gave me some lovely kisses but after a while she got a bit bored with the lack of response here so she and Jet took off again and I went to the humans for protection.
As the youngsters had been playing non stop since we arrived they suddenly decided it was time for a big drink so they went over to the bucket and had a huge drink.
After Zoe & I had our fill she took me on a tour of her garden which was huge and had many lovely flowers and many pawesome smells and we were very happy when Milo came over to join in. 
 After our guided tour Zoe and I decided more playing was in order so I soon found a tiny part of an old dog toy and walked over to her to invite her to play with me.  
She said Yes 

 After all that playing we decided to join Milo in the shade under the outdoor area where it was nice and cool.  As we were all quite hot and our tongues were all hanging out we decided to have a biggest tongue competition.
Well doggie friends who has the biggest tongue out of us three? After our biggest tongue competition Ros decided it was time for us to go home as we had been visiting for an hour and she wanted to leave before she needed to end up carrying us home.  After thanking Zoë for such a pawesome time and promising to come again one day soon we headed off back home.   
Once we arrived home we fell straight to sleep dreaming of our pawesome play date at Zoë's. Bye now From Milo & Jet.  


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