Saturday, May 29, 2010

Royal Romp

Hello everyone my name is milo I'm new to the blogging world first let me tell you a bit about myself I'm a six year old chocolate Labrador who lives in a small country town in Australia I live with a lovely family of four including four humans and a fur pup called Angus he's a lot older than me at 11 years but he's still quite active when he wishes. My favourite things to do are swimming, playing with other fur pups , playing ball and tug with my human pups and going for walks . Hello I'm Angus I'm 11 years old now and not as lively as I used to be but I still enjoy doing activities like sun bathing , tummy rubs , and the occaional run-around and eating as well.

Hey Milo here. I want to tell everyone what I did last week. I went for a walk to the local oval with my human Ros. Isn't it a beautiful place so big and lush it's one of my favourite places.

Well we got there at lunchtime apparently whatever that means after a nice walk to get there and me human bought all my favourite toys with us and she also borught a peculiar object she calls a racket that helps the ball fly futher which is good for chasing purposes .

These are my favourite toys.

First we played fetch but I much prefer to chase rather than retrieve I find it much more fun than to bring it back I mean if the want it they should go get it .

Just caught it .

Here is my human about to throw the ball for me ,come on I'm ready,come on now she takes so long .

Well we had been there for a while when all of a sudden there was this strange nosie coming from the sky suddenly all these white flying thing were in the sky I did my best to try to catch them but for some reason I just could not reach them and somehow they seemed to be in two places at once on the ground and in the sky my human says the things on the ground are called shadows I did not get it at all and can you believe she was laughing at me I mean I was doing my best to protect her and she was laughing I mean they could of been aliens coming to abduct us and they say human are meant to be smart .

And one great thing about the oval is a tap at perfect doggie height only problem is i can't turn it on myself. So I have to wait for my human to turn it on for me so I can have a drink Humph !

Good to have a nice drink after playing so long . Very refreshing

We stayed at the oval for a long time an hour and a half apparently I had a great time playing with my human today and was very tired when I got home and had a big sleep.

Hope every one likes my first post


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