Sunday, March 27, 2011


Milo & Angus here. Yesterday we had a huge day out! We went to a pet expo, our very first one. We left home at 10 o'clock and arrived half an hour later. It was being held at the University of Melbourne Vet Hospital in Werribee. On the way there!

Soon we had arrived.

We're there. We were very very excited about being in a new place and we could smell all the other doggies we just could not see them yet. Ros had a trick up her sleeve. She made sure she had bought lots of treats with her. At first we were too excited to notice but very soon we realised that Ros had chicken and liver treats with her. Oh, boy! So once our humans had grabbed everything from out of the car we headed off to the expo. This is what we saw when we arrived. Doggies and people everywhere.

We got very excited and just could not wait to say hello to all the doggies that were there but first Ros and her Mum wanted to have a look around. Off we went to have a look around. We did not get far before we ran into a family with three boxers. We all enjoyed saying hello. Unfortunately Ros was unable to get a photo of us saying hello but oh well you will just have to imagine it. She did get a photo of them. Sorry about the quality.

Aren't they cute ? So once we had got to say hello to some one we calmed right down. Silly humans, if only they let us say hello sooner we would not have been so excited. Do they not realise this ?

Once we had looked around for a little while with our humans they heard that the competitions were starting so we went and got some ring side seats and started to enjoy the show. The first thing we saw was a retrieve display. The dog doing it was a flat coat retriever named Rhythm. He was very good. Our humans have meet Rhythm before so they were excited to see him again. He is very clever and does field trials with his human. Here he is in action.

Then there were lots of fun competitions as well. There was Waggiest Tail , Best Trick, Dog who looks most like its owner, and Best Coat.

For some fun Angus and I entered two of the competitions. They were Waggiest Tail & Best Trick. I was up first and I enterd in the Waggiest Tail. First we did a lap around the ring and we had to wag our tails to the best of our doggie abilty.

Off I go to do my lap! Then we had to stop while the judge walked down the line and made sure we were wagging our tails. Then they go over and talk to three people in the stands then the judge comes back and tells everyone who the winner is.

So the judge looked at as all than walked into the stands and than came back and talked into this funny thing that made his voice very loud. And announced that the Winner for the Waggiest Tail competition was ....... ME . I was so proud as was Angus and of course my humans. So I was given a big prize hamper with lots of goddies in it. Ros gave me a huge hug and gave me a big piece of chicken.

Getting my prize.

Then it was Angus's turn. There were lots of very clever doggies in the Best Tricks competition. There were doggies that danced, played dead, spoke on command, rolled over, and a few other things as well. So lots of doggies had their turn then it was Angus's go. He played dead and did it perfectly despite all the distractions. Ros was very proud of him. Even though he did very well first prize went to two beagle doggies that did synchronized begging. They were very impressive and everyone thought it was very cute.

Well after all that excitement our humans needed a rest so they found some ring side seats and we sat and watched all the other competitions.

Next was best coat and here is the dog that won that competition. For very obvious reasons.

Then was the dog who looked most like its owner but we could not get any photo of that. Then there was agility. That was lots of fun to watch and at times very funny. One doggie ran into the crowd and jumped on two kids laps much to the amusement of everyone in the crowd. Here are a few photos of the different doggies that did the agility. Oh, by the way the cavalier in the second photo is totally deaf. We were told but he was the best. He did it all perfectly twice.

Being the friendly and sociable boys that we are we love making new friends and we met heaps of new ones today. Here are photos of all our new friends.

A Great Dane that had a beautiful coat. It was Dark Chocolate with black patches on it. She was one of the first dogs we said hello to.

Two female chocolate labs just like me. One was very happy to start playing but her human didn't want her to so after a quick hello she had to keep going.

Isn't she so pretty ?

This is chocolate lab number two. Isn't she beautiful as well? She wore a lovely red harness that looked so pretty against her chocolate coat and she was very good at posing for the camera as well. I think we look very handsome together. What do you think?

A cute little jack russel that said a nice hello then had to keep going. He has a very nice black head Ros thought.

Saying hello to a very nice rough collie. Isn't her coat beautiful ?

Now these two dogs are special. They're a breed called the Swedish Vallhund which is a rare breed of dog. These two puppies were one day away from being put to sleep because no one wanted them. They had to go together but as you can see the story has a very happy ending. Their owners told us that in the six years that they have had them no one has been able to guess what breed they were. People always thought corgi mix. Our human Ros is very doggie clever and knew what they were as soon as she saw them. Their humans almost fell over when she got it right. They were delighted that finally some one knew what they were. Ros loved their markings. Then a little while later we meet a Weimaraner Puppy. It was very cute and very bouncy.

Isn't she so cute ?

We had been there for a long time and we were getting tired so our humans decided it was time to go home. We had a lovely time there and had heaps of fun.

Home we go.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hi! Angus, here. This afternoon we were given a cow shin bone each. We were very excited. We just couldn't wait to have a taste.

Waiting for our humans to unwrap our bones. Boy, they are so slow. Come on Ros. We're waiting!! Soon though our bones were ready to be eaten but we had to wait for Ros to say, "ok" before we were allowed to have them.

Come on Ros. Then we heard the magic word. "OK" We grabbed our bones and off we went to enjoy our spoil.

Enjoying my bone! Isn't it huge? It had lots of meat on it and lots of blood as well. I love it when the bone i get is nice and bloody because I can lick off all the blood. It tastes delicious. This is one of the biggest bones I have ever got. It's almost like a dinosaur bone.

Here I am enjoing my bone. It was so delicious. It had lots of meat on it as well and also the knee joint which is my favourite part.
Here are a few more photos of us enjoying our spoil.

Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi! Angus here. Today was a very exciting day. I went to the river again for the first time since my leg ouchie. We left at 10 o'clock and off we went to the river.

We have just arrived and can't wait to start exploring.

Here we go. These smell nice!! Angus! Come and have a smell. The river looked lovely today and the grass was nice and long. Milo had a great time running through it. I was not allowed off the lead as I tend to overdo it when I go to the river but I still had lots of fun walking through the grass. It felt so nice on my tummy.

Doesn't it look beautiful today ?

After we were finished exploring we decidee it was time to go for a swim. Off we went to our favourite swimming spot.

The water was mirror clear today. It was just lovely. Once we got there Ros searched for a good stick and then the fun began .

Then the swimming began, Milo style. Unfortunely I was not allowed to swim today but Ros promised that I could next time.

We had such fun today I can't wait till we go again.


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