Friday, June 21, 2013


Hi Jet here!  First I would like to thank all our amazing blog friends for all the power of the paw they sent me and it worked so well I was allowed to come home one day early. I arrived home Tuesday afternoon with many instructions. I'm on strict crate rest for twelve days and I have to wear the cone of shame for that time so I can't pull out my stitches along my tummy or take off the bandage on my right hind The bandage is covering a fentanyl patch which is to help me with pain and Ros also thinks it's keeping me a bit sleepy and not too bouncy which is a good thing apparently. I'm also taking two different medicines. One is called rimadyl and the other is called clavulox.  I take the rimadyl once a day in the mornings and the clavulox twice daily. The rimadyl is my favourite as it tastes yummy.  I'm on four small meals a day for a little while then I'll slowly be weaned back to the amount I was on before. The Hospital even saved what I had eaten to show my humans  .
One of Ros' very good friends who owns lovely great dane doggies lent us this crate.  Wasn't that so nice of them? I'm very comfy what with my lovely home made doggie bed so I'm spending most of my time asleep. My tummy looks funny now as it's somehow become all bald so I sort of look half naked which is quite embarrassing but I've asked Ros and she said my fur will grow back. 
This is what the vets ended up finding in my insides while they were doing the operation. They decided it was the lid from a salt or pepper shaker.
 I was quite lucky that none of my intestines had to be taken out as while they were bruised they still had good blood flow to them and the vet people to be extra sure called in a specialist intestinal surgeon during my operation just to look at my insides and they said they looked good. Well I must rest again as the pain medicine makes me sleepy. Bye Now From A Recovering Jet. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hi this is Ros speaking!   Jet had to be taken this morning to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Melbourne as he had been acting quite lethargic since yesterday. They ran all kinds of tests and found him to be dehydrated and with a temperature. They took x-rays and performed an ultrasound and they diagnosed that he had eaten something he shouldn't of and it had become stuck within his intestines. After all the testing they admitted him to the ICU ward for I'V fluids. An hour later they decided to move him straight into surgery.  They were worried it also might be gastric torsion. We're now nervously awaiting a phone call telling us how he did. Thankfully they said his heart rate and breathing were fine.  Jet  would really appreciate all the power of the paw his blog friends can give him during this very scary time.
Thank you            
Update!!!  Just had the call.  The surgeon  found a disc wedged in his small intestine.  Possibly the lid of a pepper shaker they think.  What a relief.  A few days in hospital and on the road to recovery.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here! Last week we went for some lovely late afternoon runs at President's Park. We arrived at four o'clock and once we had grabbed everything from the car we set off to explore and see who else had come to have a run around with their humans.  I made the first friend in a cute foxy dog that was very happy to meet me and did a nice tail wagging hello.
 Once we had finished saying to hello to each other we decided to have a smell of the grass together. We ended up finding a most interesting smell.
While I was busy having a great time with my new friend, Jet was busy making a friend of his own in a  bull terrier. 
 Well after meeting our first two friends we headed off to explore the park and there were many interesting smells to check out.
While Jet did his best to impersonate a pointer. What do you think? Do I look like a pointer?
 We had a pawesome time exploring the banks and there were many interesting smells amongst all the native plants so we had a great time trying to work out who each new smell was and another thing Jet loves to do is race up and down the banks.        
Here I Come ! 
 While we were busy along the banks our humans continued walking on so we soon ran off to follow them around the park.
We started to head back the way we came when we ran into a family of five little doggies out on a walk with their humans. They even allowed us to join their pack for a little bit. 
 Once we had said goodbye to our new little friends we soon met friends more our own size in a yellow labrador and his black friend.
 We were very happy to meet some labrador friends. Many people think we're Labrador crosses because we're so big and tall and they are quite surprised when they find out we're not and as you can see we make our new yellow friend look very small.  The next doggie friend we sniffed out was a very big beagle doggie who we said a nice hello to and we all enjoyed having a nice sniff around together.
After saying goodbye to our beagle friend we started heading back towards the car as we had been there for a long time and we were quite tired by this stage. On the way back we ran into a doggie friend we have met a few times before and we always have a good play. 
We were almost back at the car when Ros took us into the fenced off area they have now placed at the park for doggies to use to play games with their humans or doggie friends. We don't go in there much though as there are many more smells along the river to sniff out.  This time though we went so we could play with our new toy that Ros had bought for us plus I tried my paw at football that I borrowed from two border collie doggies.   
 We had a fantastic time on our afternoon walks at President's Park and we can't wait to go back and meet all our friends again.  Bye From Milo & Jet


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