Saturday, December 28, 2013


Hey Milo & Jet here! Early Friday morning we saw Ros grabbing our leads so we jumped up ready for a walk. We were soon off and walking with Ros stopping occasionally to take photos of the route we were taking.
Once we had been walking for a while we stopped to get our photo taken and if we do say so ourselves we look very handsome. 
After photos we continued on until we came to Divines Road and so we started heading down this new path that we had not been down before.   
 It wasn't long before we were in sight of home and after a few more mintues we had reached home and soon as we had a big drink we fell straight to sleep dreaming of our Divines Road Walk.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


HI Milo & Jet here! Last night we watched as Ros put out two Christmas Bags with our names on them to get ready for santa paws arrival. After checking all was in order we quickly headed off to our doggie beds and we soon fell to sleep with our paws crossed that during the night we would get a visit from Santa Paws.  We woke up early the next morning and to our delight we found that Santa Paws had indeed come. We couldn't wait to find out what he had brought us.
     We could not believe our doggie eyes when we saw this!!! Our very own doggie pool for us to splash in on hot days! We were very excited.
After giving our new pool a good sniff over we decided to pose for some photos sitting next to our pool.  
Then we decided to have a look in our bags to see what else santa paws had brought us and we were very excited by what we found. 

Here we are posing with our new stuffed toys. Aren't they pawesome? Milo got an elephant that says bite me and he also has a sqeaker and I got a duck that also has a sqeaker. We can't wait to take them down to the local oval and see just how much fun they are to play with. Thank you Santa Paws for giving us such pawesome presents.  We hope all our blog friends are also enjoying their presents they got from Santa Paws.  Merry Christmas Everybody from Milo & Jet.                

Monday, December 23, 2013


HI Milo & Jet here! On Wednesday we woke up early to find Ros already dressed and packed and ready to take us on an adventure.  Soon we were ready to jump into the car and it wasn't long before we were off and driving.  We had soon arrived at our destination and we were so excited to find out that we were at the beach.  Once Ros had grabbed everything out of the car we began heading down towards the beach. It didn't take us long before we were off and running.
While we were busy splashing in the waves we spotted something very exciting along the shore so we raced over to introduce ourselves.  We were soon making new friends with a beautiful old labrador boy.  
Labrador Rainbow 
 Then after we had had fun playing with our new friend we went over to Ros and told her we wanted to play with our frisbee toy. Soon the games had began.
 After an hour and half of frisbee action we were getting very sleepy so we decided it was time to start heading home so we grabbed our frisbee and walked back towards the car where we jumped in and fell straight to sleep dreaming of our frisbee.


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