Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Hi, Jet & Arli here! Today we went for a fantastic walk to a place we had not been in a very long time called Rothwell Reserve.  At a little past 10 o'clock we saw Ros grabbing our leads so we jumped up ready for a walk.  Soon we were off on an adventure.
                   As we were walking along I stopped to take a small sniff at the local pee-mail.
 After stopping to sniff the local pee-mail we continued along the road where we spotted two of the locals barking at us through the fence.
         Then as we were walking along we spotted one of the biggest dogs we had ever seen. It took quite an interest in us as we went past.
                                It wasn't long after that we had reached our destination.
 Once we arrived we decided to take a small rest by sitting at the table that we found there and that gave the humans a good chance to admire the local galah sitting in the hollow.
 Then after a brief bit of bird watching, we continued on our way along the small dirt track that was there.
 Just before leaving we decided to get a family photo of us two doggies together. We think it turned out very well.
Once we got home after having a big drink we came straight inside for a big rest.  We look forward to our next walk.  

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  1. Dear Jet and Arli,

    You always get to explore such interesting places! I would not have liked the horse, though. But everything else looks amazing!

    Happy napping!




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