Thursday, March 22, 2018


Hi Jet, Milo and Arli here! Yesterday was a very special day. It was my Sixth birthday! 😀  In order to celebrate such a special day Ros had planned a pawesome day out for us all.  It started early in the morning when we saw a car pulling up so we got very excited as we knew this meant adventure.  We all raced out the door and quickly jumped in the car ready to begin our fun-filled day.  We were soon on our way and after driving for a while we were starting to get close to the destination.
 Once we had arrived we all jumped out and walked over to the entrance gate and going in before being let off to explore.
 Once we had raced around sniffing all the new smells it was time to head off on my birthday walk so I made sure to lead the way.
  We stopped for a brief moment to get a photo of Arli & I together.  I think we both look very happy.
                             There were so many great new smells to sniff out along the path.
          As we turned the corner we bumped into a handsome Kelpie out enjoying a lovely walk on this lovely day.  We were all very eager to say hello.
After bumping noses with our new kelpie friend, we continued on and we had soon reached this big bridge.
 As this was a very long walk we had bought Milo's very own special cart so he could still join in with us.  Milo loves his cart.
   We were soon walking past the Yarra river and Arli & I couldn't wait to jump in for a refreshing swim.
Once we had arrived we sniffed out that there was a doggie already there swimming after his ball. Can you spot him?  

Arli and I quickly raced down and jumped in. 

 After the pawesome swimming fun we decided to turn around and start heading back the way we had come :)
 We soon came across a sign telling us what the walk we had enjoyed was called so of course, we all had to pose in front of it.
 We had soon reached the car so we were getting ready to leave when we remembered that we had not gotten a photo of my Ros & I on my birthday.
Birthday Kisses 

 After the final birthday pictures, we headed towards the car but not before one last photo was taken of my handsome self.
 Then we packed up and we all jumped into the car but as we were quick to discover this pawesome day was not over yet! Stay tuned for Part 2!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jet! What an awesome way to spend your special day!

  2. Happy 6th Barkday Jet! We turned 6 last month. It looks like you had a fun celebration!

    Keep Calm and Bark On!

    Murphy and Stanley

  3. OMD, what funs!!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BURTHDAY JET!!! And I loooooves your cart Milo! just pawsome! And your Burthday Pic with Ros is SUPER DUPER! You both look very happy!
    Ruby ♥



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