Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Hi Milo & Jet here!  Yesterday morning we sensed we were about to go on a very exciting adventure.  As soon as Ros grabbed everything that we needed we jumped into the car and we headed off on our adventure. We arrived at our destination and soon as we jumped out of the car we could smell the sea breeze.  This, of course, made us both very excited and we couldn't wait to get going. Thankfully, the humans had the same idea so off we headed towards the beach.  This is our first time to the beach for this summer season.
This is the start of the beach and it has lots of space to run and play with new doggie friends. We were quickly let off to explore and it didn't take long to make our first doggie friend. A friendly shepherd mix doggie. 
After making our first friend we checked the local pee mail to see who else had come to the beach on such a nice day. 
Once we had gathered all the local news we headed straight for the thing we love the most. The WATER!! 
  Then, just as we come back into shore Jet spotted something very exciting out in the water so he rushed off to see who it was. Yes, it was another black labrador doggie called Dan and at only 10 months old he proved to be a pawesome play mate for Jet.  He is actually in training to be a guide dog.        
 Once the official greeting was over they both went crazy doing zooms every which way. If we do say so ourselves this time our human has out done herself with our action shots.
 Then Ros found a stick for us youngsters to play with so soon a pawesome game of keep away had begun.
Look It's Twins 
My Handsome Face  
 While we were busy splashing around Milo came racing over to join in the fun. So, soon there were three handsome labradudes racing around together.
 Then Jet and Dan decided to do some synchronised stick walking along the sand. They did such a good job that it looked like there was only one doggie holding the stick.
After the synchronised stick walking, another game of chase ensued with Jet leading the race with the stick.
Catch Me If You Can!! 
Help!!! He's Gaining.  
After all the excitement of our game of keep away Dan and I decided some wrestling would be great fun so we first found a suitable location.    
After this fantastic game of wrestling it was time for Dan to go home. I was very disappointed that I just lost such a pawesome play mate.  Milo & I decided to go for a nice stroll through the water together. 
 Suddenly Jet spotted another labrador friend so he raced over to go and say hello.  His name was Monty and he lives very close to the beach so he gets to come almost once a week.  How totally Pawesome!!
Jumping For Joy 
Monty took quite a liking to grabbing my collar so for safety reasons Ros called me over so she could take my collar off but not before we played a tiny game of chase.
While we were busy chasing we found an interesting smell in the sand so we stopped for a quick sniff before the excitement began again. 
Monty Up Close 
 Milo soon came racing over to join the excitement and then we all took off on zoomies together with Milo leading the way.
 Then we went and took part in water racing and the doggie that made the biggest splashes was the winner.
                        After the water races Jet & Monty took part in a game of extreme bitey face.
 After our game of extreme bitey face we decided to go for another run in the waves where I was lucky enough to find the stick that I had lost earlier so another great game of keep away erupted.
 Then as Milo, Monty and I were racing back towards shore we spotted something truly amazing. It was, yes, two more of us!!!! A lovely yellow labrador and a six month old black labrador puppy.  We quickly raced over to say hello to our new fur friends. The yellow girl was a bit nervous at first but she soon became very brave. We think it's because she had so many handsome labradudes to keep her safe.
Two Sets of Twins
Jet had lots of fun playing with the labrador puppy but oh boy he could certainly hold his own against us bigger boys. 
After a small play together the two new labradors headed away after their owner.  Monty looked like he was about to head home but not before we had one last play together and posed in some photos together. They look pawesome if we say so ourselves.
 Well we hope you have enjoyed all the excitement of the first half of our day at the beach. We have introduced all our new labrador fur friends. However there are still many new doggie friends for you to meet of different shapes and sizes. Bye From Milo & Jet.    


  1. Such fun! We would have loved being there with you. One day maybe, we'll go to a real beach.

    That looks like One dog with 5 legs, carrying that stick. BOL!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  2. Looks like a blast! Coco would just love to have this kind of adventure!

  3. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Did you say BEACH? We haven't been to BEACH in forever! I like the looks of your beach. Can I come join you?

  4. OMP! I love the beach. I have been to Lake Tahoe in California a lot of times. Thanks for sharing your grand adventures. And an even bigger THANKS for stopping by and following my blog.
    Love Noodles

  5. I thought I was seeing double! We are jealous over all that fun in the water and with a stick too!!!!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. What a fun place to play!

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. OMD!!! Wows! Ma just was smilin' and smilin' at all the Labradudes splashin' and zoomin' in the water!! How pawsome was that day, huh?! I will be dreamin' of you guys and your FABulous day at the beach.
    And, you guys found a chick!!! Nice!! She sure looked like a nice gurl!
    Thanks for takin' us along!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Wow, that looks like it would be the best day ever!! Water, playmates, sand, what more could a dog want? :)

    Elyse and Riley

  9. Awww man, you guys are ALWAYS making me JEALOUS!



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