Sunday, October 6, 2013


HI Milo & Jet here! Yesterday around one o'clock we saw Ros grabbing our leads so we knew we were about to go off on an adventure.  Once she had grabbed everything, we headed off towards our destination. We had soon arrived and we were very excited to see where we were.
         Yes we had arrived at the blessing of the animals. We were very excited and couldn't wait to sniff out who else had come.  The first doggie we spotted was a very cute cavalier doggie.
 After making friends we heard it was time to head into the church. We made sure to sit down the back so that there was enough space for us bigger boys to stretch out.
   Relaxing while the humans do their part. Well, after we had all been blessed we proceeded outside to see what other doggies had come.    
After that it was decided that photos of our handsome selves were needed so first we found a suitable location to pose. 
Aren't' we so very handsome? After posing we went around to say hello to some of the other doggies that  were there.
Doggie Kisses 
After making a few new friends Ros decided it was time to start heading home as everyone else was also starting to take off. We had a lovely time at the blessing of the animals this year and we can't wait to meet up with all our new friends at next year's one. Bye now from Milo & Jet.     


  1. Very cool mates, we went to a blessing of the animals too! Play bows,


  2. Oh, that is sooooo cool!! I've never been blessed befores! Ma says I'm too hyper for Chruch....pfffft! I would be as quiet as a jackhammer...I promise!

    Looks like there were some very pawsome doggies there! And looks like you made some new furiends! Love the doggie kisses!!
    Ruby ♥

  3. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Pawesome photos! Do I need a blessing too?



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