Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Hey, Milo here! Today was a really big day. We went for a walk for the first time in a few weeks. According to ros the weather has been just too unpredictable for walkies. Today was a very nice day so we got to go for a walk to the oval, yippee !!

Here we are having just arrived at the oval waiting to be let off to explore.

Well ros has as always brought the necessary toys and treats with her like a good human does.

So, let the fun begin!!!

Here we are exploring . This smells very interesting. I wonder who it was? So, first we played tug with my ducky toy.

I'm going to win.

Grrrrrr, I'm so strong! Doggie Olympics,here I come!

I got it.

One cool thing about going today was that there were still puddles everywhere from all the rain lately and of course we took full advantage.

Here I am sitting in a puddle so when we get home I can walk muddy paws though out the house and later watch the humans clean it up!! So much fun .

Here I'm having some fun in the water as well. Also there was another puddle that was even better than this one .

Here I am pretending to be a pointer . I think I'm doing a great impression of one. What do you think? Isn't the pond great and nice and deep.

We both got quite wet on our footsies.

Just look at that lovely mud . Very therapeutic if i do say so myself !!!

Then we started to play chase.

Na,na,na,na ..... Bat dog. Just look at how fast I'm going.

Racing after Angus as fast as I can. Don't I look so happy?

Almost got him!!

Here we are playing puppy style.

Here I am having just caught my toy.Look at how excited I am ! Ros thought this is a very funny photo of me.

Well, we had a fantastic time at the oval today and our sunny adventure is not yet finished so eyes peeled for the rest of our sunny day adventure.

To be continued........

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