Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey, we're back and we want to tell you about the rest of our sunny day adventure. Milo here, as you know, yesterday we had a fantastic time at the oval . That's not the only place we went yesterday .

So we had been at the oval for a long time and we'd had a great time. Then Ros decided it was time to go but she was not quite ready to go home as the sun was still out and she did not want to waste such a lovely day by going home. So instead she took us to our favourite place THE RIVER.
OH BOY what a great day this was turning out to be!!!!

Here we are being good boys waiting for Ros to tell us we can start exploring.

Off we go to explore.

Also because today was so lovely we were allowed to go SWIMMING. This is our favourite pastime !!

Our favourite swimming spot. It's great, especially in spring. Isn't it so lovely? So the fun began once the first stick was found.

Here I am waiting for a stick to be throw. My stick fetching skills today were quite embarrassing! I'm quite glad that there were no other labradors there as I might just have become the barking stock of the river. See, I missed the first two sticks Ros threw though I did swim out but I could not see them. In my defence they weren't very good sticks as they were so small that once I did a famous Milo water entry I think they had already sunk. At least that's me excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Where is it? Where is it? Ros some help please! "Left Milo,left."

Coming back; no stick! Oh the shame and humiliation. I've never been so embarrassed before. So after two failed attempts Ros finally found a decent stick.

Here I am going after my stick.

Yippee!! I got it.

Here I am going after my stick again.Angus also had lots of fun in the water. After this throw I decided that I just wanted to have some fun in the water with Angus.

Here we are playing in the water. Isn't the water making such cool patterns?

Here I come. I am having so much fun . Just look at my big smiley face.

This is by far the best day ever. I was having such fun ros said I looked like a windup toy. I just could not make up mind on what to do. I'd fly in to the water one second, then get out and race around the nest. Just look at my huge tongue.

Good shake to remove excess water. HUMANS BEWARE!! Humans for safety reasons should maintain a distance of a few feet. That way clothes and stuff will remain dry.

Here Angus and I are playing chase. One of our favourite games.

Come get me. Come on, come on.

Just about time to go home but still having heaps of fun. Ros hasn't put our leads back on yet. we had a fantastic day and we're so tired. When we got home we fell asleep straight away. We slept for hours and were just opening one eye at 8 o'clock. We had slept dreaming about our sunny day adventure.

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