Monday, July 30, 2018


Hi, Jet & Arli here! On our last post Ros realized our next post was going to be a big one, number Three Hundred. To celebrate such a pawesome blog milestone we knew we had to do something special. Then we saw that Presidents Park was holding a Labrador meet up so we knew we had to go.    It was just before lunch time when we arrived and it didn't take us long to sniff out our new friends.
                   Once we said hello Arli was off enjoying one of her favourite activities.  
               Arli got very happy when one of our new handsome friends came to join in with all the fun.
                                       Suddenly Jet came racing in to join the fun.
 After all this racing around with the ball we decided to do what any good Labrador should do, we headed straight towards the dam for a nice swim to cool down.
                         We had soon noticed that our other friends had come over to join in so we raced over to them and started a big game of chase.
 Suddenly, on the edge of the shore Arli found something very exciting, a piece of bark that led to a pawesome zoomie episode.
 Suddenly we noticed very excitedly that our youngest fur friend had been let off. We raced over for a play.
                We have a prediction that like us when he grows he is going to be a water baby.
 Suddenly after watching our new friend take his first leap into water, I noticed Arli had found something very exciting.  It was a cool piece of stick that was floating along the shore.
Suddenly an even better stick was found and triggered a zoomie episode that our new chocolate friend came and joined in.   We also had a great time making designs with our tails as all the water flew off.
                  We then decided to take this party into the water.  Which made it twice the fun.
 We were racing along and it didn't take long before we were back on dry land where a great game of tug soon commenced.
        After all the tug of war fun I decided to have a tiny rest when suddenly, I was ambushed.  All the humans seemed to think this was very funny.  I couldn't see why.
                    After this last play it really was time to go home just not before one last photo.
    We had a pawesome time meeting all our new friends and we look forward to our next play day.


  1. That looks like fun!!! The Gathering (of collies) is in a few weeks, I can't wait!

  2. You guys had so much fun at your meet-up! Congratulations on 300 posts!

  3. Wow, does that ever look like a blast!
    Happy 300th!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

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