Friday, December 2, 2016


Hello Milo & Jet here! We awoke early on the last full day of our dog holiday to a truly beautiful day  and decided to go for a lovely long walk across the road into the bush. This time as we had been such good boys we were let off our lead to explore which provided us with many a sniffing opportunity and a great chance to stretch our legs.
There is nothing better then having such space to explore! It's truly pawesome! It made us feel like true wild doggies.  Once again our humans really enjoyed the local wildflowers that were out in abundance during our stay.
After enjoying the flowers we continued on. After walking for a little while, Milo decided to stop and pose for photos.
I soon came over to join him. I think we look very handsome together :) 
                                  We continued on down the path enjoying the smells of the bush.  
      As we were almost at the end of our walk our humans got very excited when they suddenly spotted something in the bush just off the side of the road.  A local Echidna was out enjoying the sun :)  As it heard us coming it buried in just in case we were scary predators.  Our humans say we ran straight past him so clearly we didn't find him as interesting as they did.  
After the excitement of Echidna spotting we continued on until we made it back to our cottages where we decided after such a long and exciting walk that a swim in the dam would be a pawesome way to finish off our walk.
Jet loved having a nice roll on the grass. 
After a lovely swim we headed back to our cottage for the night we slept very well that night after such a big and busy day. We awoke the next morning and we knew today was the day we were going home which made us quite sad. All too soon we had to jump into the car and head off home. We had such a pawesome stay at countrywide cottages and definitely recommend it to all our doggie friends. We can't wait to come back again for another pawesome stay.


  1. Running free! We love that. And what a gorgeous place to run. That was a fantastic holiday. SHE would have loved the Echidna.

  2. wow, that excursion looked great. And it looks like you had the whole area to yourselves. Too cool.

  3. It looks so warm and sunny! We are currently covered in the cold, white stuff!

  4. OH wow! These are some great pictures, awesome job!
    Looks like you guys had a fun filled day :)
    Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!



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